castLabs assists Formuler to verify Widevine device integration as an authorized 3PL partner selected by Google

Berlin, September 14, 2021 – castLabs, secure digital video delivery solutions provider, has been selected by Formuler to validate and certify their Widevine DRM device integration through Google’s new Third Party Labs (3PL) program as a licensed and authorized third party.

The 3PL program allows a small selection of authorized partners, like castLabs, to conduct independent testing and compliance on behalf of Google for Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) integrations into Android open source project (AOSP) device platforms, as well as Verified Media Path (VMP) signing for apps using the Chromium or Electron frameworks.

On behalf of Google, castLabs performed Widevine certification for three models of Formuler set-top boxes according to the Widevine requirements. This new process allowed Formuler to receive full guidance throughout the procedure where castLabs transparently communicated all steps and helped to obtain certification in the shortest time possible based on their integration needs. This was achieved through the knowledgeable expert team at castLabs who were able to answer questions and guide Formuler without the otherwise necessary help from Google.

“The rapid growth of over-the-top content delivery platforms and shifting consumer content consumption patterns requires secure end-to-end delivery of premium contents to any connected device. Widevine provides standardized, multi-platform, multi-format, industry-leading secure content protection trusted and used by all major OTT service providers and broadcasters. Formuler has chosen to implement Widevine Level 1 content protection in its products and castLabs, a Google 3PL partner, played an integral role in the Widevine certification process for Formuler OTT devices,” said Andrew Kim, General Manager at Formuler.

Widevine certification through a 3PL program allowed Formuler to get assistance with their implementation and approval of Widevine integrated devices to securely deliver protected content to their clients. Formuler focuses on rapid and agile product development that allows it to remain on the cutting-edge of ever-changing technology trends. castLabs is happy to support them on the journey to be the recognized performance leader of the IPTV-OTT industry.

“We have been continuously working and partnering with Google on many projects and we are honored to be a part of their 3PL program. This program helps customers to quickly and securely enable and certify Widevine implementations. We make sure that our technical development team assists in this process with a hands-on approach to help organizations successfully achieve a certified and secure implementation. castLabs is excited to elevate our partnership with Google Widevine to the next level and help remove friction for an ever-growing number of Widevine implementers,”mentioned Michael Stattmann, CEO at castLabs.

About castLabs

castLabs pioneers software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide to easily enable premium movie, TV, and audio distribution. Their range of applications and services are designed to help businesses deliver high-quality video experiences through protected content playback over a large selection of consumer devices and platforms. castLabs solutions include DRMtoday DRM and CAS licensing, PRESTOplay cross-platform player SDKs, Video Toolkit cloud encoding, Widevine certification, and expert technical consulting.

About Formuler

Formuler specializes in the development, design, production, and support of OTT and digital linear broadcast customer-premises equipment. Their wide array of advanced products allow end-users to consume a variety of content from a multitude of sources including IPTV, OTT, and traditional digital broadcast mediums such as DVB and ATSC. Formuler’s mission is to provide end-users with a premium device that is easy-to-use, and a user experience that makes it enjoyable to find and experience high quality content on the big-screen. FORMULER and the FORMULER logo are trademarks of Aloys Inc. Aloys Inc. is based near Seoul, Korea.



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