Widevine device & app certification

Integrating the Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) is an important step before deploying custom hardware or software for secure streaming, but achieving certification can hold back a timely market launch.

Our technical support and verifications remove approval friction to get you certified faster than ever.

Fast Widevine CDM certification
Certified Widevine Implementation Partner

As highly experienced content protection specialists, Google selected us as a Third Party Labs (3PL) partner to certify Widevine implementations on their behalf.

Android hardware

Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and Linux device platforms

Verified Media Path

Electron and Chromium based apps

Widevine validation

Widevine L1 and L3 security level validation for protected SD, HD, UHD, and HDR streaming

Just some of the companies we’ve helped integrate

INTEK Digital

Rapid device approval

For OEMs and SoCs, gaining Widevine approval can be slow, especially with the growing number of DRM-enabled devices.

We’ll greatly accelerate your certification turnaround time. Working closely with Google, we conduct independent testing and compliance verifications to quickly get your AOSP or Linux hardware platform ready for launch.

Certification for Android, Android TV, and Linux devices

Our expert engineers can:

  • Register your device with Google
  • Provide Widevine CDM functional tests
  • Validate integrations on your hardware to ensure all tests pass
  • Request keyboxes for device testing and provisioning
  • Assist with technical support along the entire implementation
Device questionnaire

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We’ll be in touch to discuss details and next steps for your speedy certification.

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Instant VMP app signing

Looking to publish Windows or macOS apps with a Widevine CDM? Previously, license agreements with Google were needed for Verified Media Path (VMP) signing certificates which faced lengthy delays.

We help you skip the wait with our automated signing service.

Electron and Chromium app signing

Free self-signing with our Electron fork

Start with our build of Electron for Content Security which is pre-approved by Google to enable the Widevine CDM. Then simply take advantage of our self-service portal to immediately VMP-sign your software with our compliant certificate.

Best of all, both are free to use right now!

Custom Electron & Chromium signing

We’ll work with you to integrate the Widevine CDM into your own custom Chromium or Electron codebase. Once we review your app for compliance, you’ll gain access to our easy VMP signing service.

Video players and browsers

Deploy custom video players and browsers with studio-grade security.

Secure playback options

Support VOD/live streaming and persistent licenses for offline playback.

Secure certificate

Avoid the worry of protecting sensitive certificates.

Looking for DRM licensing? Discover our scalable cloud solution.