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Working with digital rights management (DRM) to protect your valuable video assets can be a complicated and time-consuming task with the multitude of technologies in use. We specialize in simplifying DRM for you to easily enable secured premium content delivery. Let us handle your on-demand, live, and offline video protection so you can focus on getting content to market.

DRMtoday License Delivery Network

Our DRMtoday service provides the highest quality DRM solution for clients worldwide.

DRMtoday License Delivery Network
of licenses
of devices
each month
a second
Cloud DRM

Scalable Cloud Licensing

DRM as a flexible cloud solution allows you to effortlessly scale your service, saving time and money by offloading your licensing workload.

Fast start time

Fast Start Times

Viewers expect playback to begin instantly. Unlike other services, we utilize servers near your customers to minimize key delivery time. Low-latency licensing lets your audience enjoy content sooner!

Powered by Amazon Web Services

Multi-region Reliability

DRMtoday runs across multiple AWS regions around the world. Avoid service outages with dependable high availability and excellent fault-tolerant redundancy expanding on what AWS already provides.

Easily Access Multi-DRM


Operating DRM systems in-house can be a heavy drain on resources. Setting up and maintaining even a single system has conventionally been costly and complicated.

We’ve taken care of the hard work for you by streamlining DRM. Our service enables you to rapidly adopt all leading systems at once from a single and convenient source! Google Widevine (Modular & Classic), Microsoft® PlayReady®, and FairPlay Streaming by Apple are each ready for you to use.

Google Widevine
Microsoft PlayReady
FairPlay Streaming

Common Encryption

We unlock the full potential of Common Encryption (CENC) allowing a single encrypted file-set to be streamed across multiple platforms.

Simple implementation

Simple Integration

Get up and running fast with our straightforward developer API. Just one integration is needed with your existing infrastructure to access multi-DRM.

Studio recognized protection

Studio Trusted Protection

All DRM systems we provide meet strict studio and broadcaster security requirements to supply premium content online.

Secured streaming file formats

Securing Your Format

Our service allows you to deliver secured content using common ABR video streaming formats: MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming, CMAF.

Solutions for All Screens

Different devices and platforms support different technologies so you’ll need multiple DRM systems to distribute content to your full audience.

DRMtoday gives your protected content maximum reach allowing consumers to watch how and where they want.


Tablets and phones Android & iOS
Desktops Windows & Mac
Smart TVs and casting TVs & casting
Set-top boxes Set-top boxes
HTML5 browsers Browsers
Consoles Game consoles
Hardware DRM

Hardware Security

Managing hardware security is essential to meet studio requirements for UHD, HDR, and other next-generation quality content. In addition to software-based DRM, our service supports hardware-security level licensing in Trusted Execution Environments (TEE).

Output protection

Output Protection Control

DRMtoday allows you to selectively enforce stream behavior based on a playback device’s security level. For example, you can identify server-side if a device is secure enough for UHD quality or if bit rates should be limited. This is useful as studios typically require hardware DRM to playback high resolution quality.

Online Dashboard

Our user-friendly frontend features comprehensive functionality to help you manage and monitor your licensing activity. Some of the features include:

  • Configure delivery and authentication behavior
  • Distribution logs
  • Key ingestion
  • Callback URL testing

Reseller Management

Resellers can also manage their own clients and provide them with separate administration accounts.


DRMtoday dashboard

Compatible with Leading Technologies

We’ve partnered with popular streaming technology providers to smoothly enable DRM licensing when using their workflows.

AWS Elemental
Wowza Media Systems
Unified Streaming Platform
Azure Media Services
Norigin Media
Imagine Communications
AWS Marketplace

DRMtoday is also available on the AWS Marketplace as a pay-as-you-go deployment option for AWS Media Services users who utilize AWS Elemental MediaConvert or AWS Elemental MediaPackage.

Visit DRMtoday on AWS Marketplace

DRMtoday Features

License Delivery Network
Server infrastructure AWS
Multi-region servers Yes
Fault-tolerant/server redundancy
Multiple instances per region for added redundancy
Low-latency licensing
Fast stream start times
High availability Yes
Scalable Yes
Rapid world-wide key synchronization Yes
Service integration method Single API for all DRMs
Authentication Methods
Callback authentication Yes
Upfront token authentication Yes
Proxy authentication Yes
Authorization Options
Geoblocking Yes
(via callback authentication method)
Device filtering
Model, manufacturer, and unique ID
(via callback and proxy authentication methods)
Output protection control
HDCP level enforcement
Concurrent stream limiting Yes
DRM Security
Widevine (Modular) Yes
PlayReady Yes
FairPlay Streaming Yes
Widevine (Classic) Yes
CMLA-OMA On request, for legacy devices
Common Encryption (CENC) support Yes
Signaling for AES-CTR & AES-CBC encryption modes Yes
Advanced Security
PlayReady SL3000 hardware-DRM
Including detection and filtering
Widevine Level 1 hardware-DRM
Including detection and filtering
Widevine Verified Media Path Yes
Resolution specific keys (SD, HD, UHD)
Including security level filtering
Key rotation Yes
Compatible with CPIX format
(Content Protection Information Exchange)
Customer Use-cases
VoD playback Yes
Live playback Yes
Offline playback (i.e. persistent sessions) Yes
Content purchase Yes
Content rental Yes
Content subscriptions Yes
Dual expiry (license window duration) [Show more] Yes
Online Administration Dashboard
Configure delivery, authentication, and fallback behavior Yes
Distribution analytics, logs, and reporting
Including user device type
Configuration API
Examples: license delivery, user accounts, reseller management
Reporting API
Examples: download delivery log, monthly summaries
Key ingestion Yes
Callback URL testing Yes
Reseller support/client management Yes
Ingest APIs
Universal key ingest API
Supporting server & client side key generation
Reference code (Java)
For ingest and license delivery authorization
Widevine key ingest API compatibility Yes
Harmonic API compatibility Yes
Technology Integrations
AWS Elemental Yes
Broadpeak Yes
Harmonic Yes
Imagine Communications Yes
Anevia Yes
Microsoft Azure Media Services Yes
Norigin Media (Cloudncoder) Yes
Unified Streaming Yes
Wowza Yes
Customer Support
Customer support portal Yes
24/7 support available (Gold SLA) Yes
Expert team

Proven Expertise on Your Side

We’ve been working with digital rights management since 2007 offering peace of mind that you’re being supported by a highly experienced team of specialists.

Farncombe Security Audit for DRMtoday

DRMtoday has received the Farncombe Security Audit mark from Cartesian’s extensive review of our service.

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