PRESTOplay: Video playback solutions

Building video player apps can be quite a slow process. Give your development team a serious boost with PRESTOplay.

Our SDKs provide the latest and greatest features for delivering amazing playback experiences customers will love.

Built by devs, for devs, our simple API is designed for rapid player creation. Spend less time and money on development so you can focus on getting your marvelous content to market.

Simplify your player development

Discover our PRESTOplay video players

PRESTOplay for Web Apps

Web Apps

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Easily create players for browsers, TVs, desktops, and game consoles with our HTML5 framework.

PRESTOplay for Android


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Deliver rich playback apps for Android and hybrid OTT & DVB/IPTV apps for Android TV.

PRESTOplay for iOS


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Construct custom video players for iPhones, iPads, and tvOS.

PRESTOplay for React Native

React Native

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Write just one player to deploy across multiple Android and Apple devices.

PRESTOplay for GStreamer


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Provide powerful playback across RDK STBs, Linux STBs, embedded systems, and more.

Just a sample of our fresh features

Simple player API

Simple player API for quick development

DRM protection

Digital rights management (DRM) ready for studio approval

Low latency

Ultra-low latency live streaming

Fast channel changing

Fast channel zap through streams at broadcast speed

ABR streaming formats

CMAF, MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming

QoE & analytics

QoE & analytics pre-integrated and ready to go

Ad support


Customizable user interface

Customizable UI tools for bespoke branding

Why we’re different

Tailored solutions

While we offer lots of nice features, our team’s ready to customize for your vision.

Low-level know-how

We’re on your side to solve the most tricky streaming and playback challenges.

Extra expertise

From content security to encoding, we’re more than just player experts.

Some of the professional powerhouses using PRESTOplay

HBO Europe

Unlock the power of SGAI

Our ad SDK enables server-guided ad insertion (SGAI) into your live IPTV and OTT streams, offering comprehensive client-side capabilities. By reducing the complexity and size of ad manifests, we ensure optimized performance and a superior viewer experience.

PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Ads
Streamlined ad insertion

Streamlined ad insertion

Leverage HLS Interstitials and DASH Media Presentation Description events.

Client-side measurement

Client-side measurement

Benefit from integrations with top-tier ad tracking and verification tools.

Enhanced monetization

Enhanced monetization

Optimize revenue across live, VOD, and replay inventories

Cartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for PRESTOplay

We take security seriously. Our player SDKs have received the Farncombe Security Audit® mark from Cartesian’s extensive review of our products.

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