Technical Consulting for Video Services

Technology challenges are often encountered along the digital media delivery chain, which without swift resolution can tie up company resources costing both time and money. We provide expert professional services to help achieve even the most complex video and audio streaming goals.

Digital Media Technology Expertise at Your Service

Is your organization missing niche knowledge? Are new or unique implementations presenting special barriers? From studio to screen, we have a deep focus on core competencies throughout the supply chain.

Content Processing

Content Processing

Expertise in preparing content for ABR VOD and live streaming from Mezzanine or IMF assets.


Video Playback

Long track record of deploying cross-platform video and audio player functionality utilizing the latest features.

Content security

Content Security

Thorough understanding of content protection including encryption, watermarking, and DRM/CAS licensing.

Our highly skilled team of software engineering experts are dedicated to providing you with leading-edge digital video technology assistance.


Training & Workshops

Workflow support

Workflow Support

Custom engineering

Custom Engineering & Project Development

Consulting location

Available remotely or on-site, we’re here to help.

AWS Custom Media Integrations

We can help your organization properly design with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We’ve amassed an abundance of AWS infrastructure knowledge for digital media delivery since 2012 through building our comprehensive DRMtoday and Video Toolkit cloud services. This depth of experience allows us to assist in any size task: from specific deployments to overseeing the development of bespoke enterprise projects using a diverse array of AWS products.

APN Technology Partner
AWS Elemental Technology Partner
AWS Marketplace
Cloud economics

Cloud economics: how to cost & implement solutions efficiently

Custom workflows

Create intelligent orchestration workflows

AWS Marketplace

Launch on AWS Marketplace


Build speedy multi-region scalable systems

Trusted AWS Certified Engineers

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate
Wowza Certified Consultant
AWS Elemental
Unified Streaming Platform
Google Widevine
Microsoft PlayReady
Apple FairPlay Streaming

We’re also strongly experienced with numerous partner streaming technologies to assist with implementations using their systems.

Just Some of the Clients We’ve Worked With


We provided migration from legacy to modern OTT delivery for M6’s service to securely playback across all screens with multi-DRM licensing.

Lufthansa Systems

Our engineers built an automation solution for in-flight entertainment (IFE) to migrate content processing from on-prem to in-cloud allowing reduced costs, shorter turnaround time, and fewer errors.


We developed the AWS cloud-based implementation of the DECE UltraViolet backend. Our bespoke system of microservices uses numerous AWS tools to process millions of retailer digital media operations per day.

Evaluate Your Consulting Needs

Please contact us today or complete our requirement form to see how we can solve your media workflow challenges. We offer consulting on an hourly basis with minimum levels listed below.


Avoid pitfalls and overcome steep learning curves introduced by new technologies.

Starting from
1 hour
Presentation and demonstration overview for your stakeholders to understand our technology and its practical benefits.

1 hour
Appraise your organization's resources and technical abilities to identify areas of knowledge and skill-set gaps.

1 hour
Analysis and requirements: educational session explained through typical use-cases to coach your technical staff how to understand and reach specific streaming goals.
Example: best practices on how to migrate from legacy technologies such as Flash playback to HTML5 playback
Practical exercise: hands-on knowledge transfer exercises with instruction and practice run-throughs of how to execute technical tasks.
Example: how to perform content key ingestions.

1 hour
Provide example software for a specific feature or integration with explanation of how it operates.
Example: Exoplayer integration with DRMtoday.

Other training requirements


Move your workflow forward by solving unique obstacles.

Starting from
2 hours
Recommendations and explanations of how to configure our solutions for your infrastructure or with our partner's technology.
Examples: player configuration adapted for your specific use-case / content key ingestion steps for an open-source packager / configuring our DRMtoday licensing service with a live packager.

1 hour
Support with solving your video and audio workflow roadblocks.
Examples: resolving a video transcoding issue / fixing a bug in your infrastructure.

4 hours
Activate specific features or functionality in your transcoding workflow.
Examples: adding an OTT packager to an IPTV system / configuring DRMtoday content key ingest with Wowza in an origin/edge configuration.

8 hours
Assistance with accomplishing mandatory security checks and questionnaires when obtaining studio content by providing DRM-specific implementation details.

Other support requirements

Project Development

Achieve your media distribution goals with tailored engineering solutions.

Starting from
2 hours
Evaluate your existing technology to identify functional insights and areas for optimization.
Examples: when an operator wishes to adopt OTT, or add 4K quality to a workflow, we analyze the current configuration such as CDN capacity and encoders/packagers in use for suitability.

2 hours
Provide recommendations based on best practices and industry standards for the optimal feature and technology stack (both castLabs and third-party) to complete your project including cost estimation.

5 hours
Technical project management assistance during the execution of your project.
Examples: team meetings / road mapping / follow up communications / feedback / documenting projects.

2 hours
Development of software or cloud services with hand-off of custom code.
Examples: build a player proof of concept / develop a bespoke cloud-based transcoding solution from the ground-up.

5 hours
Ongoing support for your custom applications after source code delivery.

Other project development requirements
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Brief overview of your existing infrastructure
Such as: Packagers & encoders / players / content security / server infrastructure / CDN

Are you interested in using any castLabs products or services?
Other requests or questions

After submission, our team will be in contact with you to discuss your specific challenges.