About us

Pleased to meet you! At castLabs, we’re all about pioneering software and cloud services for video markets worldwide. Our mission is to push the limits of digital content distribution while making it accessible.

We make video delivery easy by removing barriers so you can concentrate on providing leading-quality movie, TV, and audio experiences for your customers. Our squad of dedicated developers have created a range of fresh monetization and secure playback technologies designed to navigate deployment challenges.

We build leading software and cloud video services

Guten Tag! We’re headquartered in Berlin with people stationed around the world.

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Our streaming solutions are used by companies large and small in over 35 countries.

Our journey

Having our roots in the mobile TV broadcast market, we’ve grown with the industry to specialize in over the top (OTT), content security, video players, encoding, watermarking, and custom development.


Founded in Berlin.


First commercial launch of an Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Mobile Broadcast Service (BCAST) conditional access platform for mobile TV in Austria with installations across Brazil, Italy, Jamaica, Philippines, and Russia.


DRMtoday launched: multi-DRM cloud licensing service for OTT streaming services.



iOS OTT video player launched.

Our Download Service Provider selected as reference system for the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem’s (DECE) UltraViolet initiative.



Video Toolkit cloud encoding service launched.


DRMtoday Onboard launched: multi-DRM offline licensing server for passenger entertainment.


Moved to a larger Berlin office.

Our 10 year birthday!


DRMtoday for Widevine CAS launched: low-cost CAS licensing for PayTV broadcast services.

Joint venture Above formed to modernize in-flight entertainment content delivery.


Selected by Google as a Third Party Labs (3PL) partner to certify Widevine DRM device and application implementations.


Achieved end-to-end content protection for WebRTC streams with DRM for WebRTC.


PRESTOplay for GStreamer and React Native launched.

Single-frame and image forensic watermarking released to achieve extraction with remarkable precision from just one media image.

Our values

Our diverse team of over 70 international experts are driven by self-defined values guiding how we work internally and how we act externally.



We listen closely and interact respectfully to support mutual exchange and give credit when working on ideas. We value empathy and inclusion of different perspectives.



We believe that community is key and encourage collaboration by engaging in compassionate relationships and sharing experiences.



We promote diversity, inclusion, and trust as well as engaging in honest and transparent communication. This, along with a flexible working environment, enables people to achieve their goals.



We take initiative with creative thinking and an experimental mindset to constantly improve and push boundaries. We strive for professionalism with a high sense of responsibility and commitment.

We’re serious about security

To ensure we meet rigorous safety practices, including UHD/4K content security, we’ve put our products and services through the extensive Farncombe Security Audit® as well as performed a CyberGRX IT risk assessment.

Cartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for DRMtoday
Cartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for Video Toolkit
Cartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for PRESTOplay
CyberGRX - Exchange member: Third-party cyber risk management

Our memberships

We’re members of numerous industry organizations and international standardization bodies to help drive the exciting future of digital video delivery forward.

DASH Industry Forum
Since 2012
Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE)
Since 2014
Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX)
Since 2016
Consumer Technology Association (CTA) Member
Since 2016
Web Application Video Ecosystem (WAVE)
Since 2016
Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Alliance
Since 2018
DIN German Institute for Standardization
Since 2018
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)
Since 2024
Hollywood Professional Association (HPA)
Since 2024
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