Video Toolkit

Need to prepare VOD files in a hurry?

Our Video Toolkit service rapidly transforms your stellar content library into ready-to-stream DRM-enabled formats. We help you focus on what matters: getting your content to market fast and affordably.

Cloud workflows

Harness cloud power

Instead of maintaining software and dedicated hardware, we’ll handle video preparation for you. Popular tools are ready as cloud services with complete configuration.

  • FFmpeg
  • Bento4
  • Shaka Packager
  • Py-caption
  • Unified Packager

Ready to work with your flow

With our simple API you can add powerful content processing automation to your over the top (OTT) workflow.

Encode and transcode

Encode / transcode






Subtitle conversion





Studio recognized protection

Studio security

We’ve put security in place along the entire workflow route to satisfy studios. Your content is encrypted during transfer, while processing, and as the output file-set.

Cartesian's Farncombe Security Audit for Video Toolkit

Super secure

Video Toolkit has received the Farncombe Security Audit® mark from Cartesian’s extensive review of our service.

DRMtoday licensing service

Key control

During encryption you can have keys easily managed with our DRMtoday licensing service or your own DRM solution.

Forensic watermarking

Studios increasingly require enhanced security for premium-quality media. Our forensic watermarking solutions fulfill this by identifying nasty thieves and leakers down to the user level while deterring piracy.

Single-frame watermarking

Single-frame watermarking

Robust precision from just one screenshot or phone camera photo of a video playing.

  • Great for production & pre-release content
Learn more
A/B watermarking

A/B watermarking

Stream to large OTT audiences efficiently with a scalable solution.

  • Deploy directly on an origin server or CDN
  • Edge segment selection

Learn how A/B watermarking works

Bitstream manipulation watermarking

Just-in-time watermarking

Direct ID embedding for simplified local or on-prem deployments.

  • Great for in-flight entertainment and hospitality
  • No need for duplicate streams
  • Options for central servers or seatback screens
Fast processing

Scalable speeds for your needs

Our multi-region AWS servers run lightning fast to minimize your content turnaround time.


Control those costs

Pay only for what you need. Our cloud service is low-cost and ideal for variable demand.

Just some of the outstanding customers using Video Toolkit

Lufthansa Systems

Perfect for passenger entertainment

Our cloud solution provides a fast and efficient workflow to prepare your content for take-off.

Your content is compatible

Video Toolkit supports over 100 video/audio codecs and formats. No matter how your assets are stored, we’ll get them ready for OTT.

Supported inputs & outputs
Packaging CMAF, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS, CSF
Container formats ISO-BMFF (fMP4), WebM, MPEG2-TS, MOV, MXF, IMF, and more…
Encryption Common Encryption, Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay Streaming, WisePlay, CMLA-OMA
Encryption modes All modes defined in CENC v3 (CTR, CBC)
For example: Different keys per resolution and audio track
Forensic watermarking Single-frame, A/B, JIT, bitstream manipulation, session-based
Video codecs H.265 (HEVC), H.264 (AVC), VP9, AV1
Audio codecs AAC, DTS, Dolby AC3/EAC3, and more…
Subtitles TTML (SMPTE-TT, DFXP, IMSC), WebVTT, SRT, and more…
Resolutions SD, HD, UHD/4K +
60fps Yes
HDR HDR10+ compliant, Dolby Vision
Destinations AWS S3
Third-party encodes as inputs Yes
Workflow definition JSON REST API

View our online documentation to learn more.

Example workflows

Video Toolkit workflow

From OTT to IFE, our team’s ready to help you with custom workflows for fast and efficient processing.

  • Want a custom tool? We can load it in the cloud for you. Just let us know!
  • Want a cloud tool available on-prem? We can adapt it for you!
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