castLabs partners with DOTSCREEN to deliver pre-integrated OTT video playback UI/UX

DOTSCREEN, the multiscreen video applications & UI development specialist, is thrilled to announce its partnership with castLabs. Together, we’re bringing a new OTT video playback solution to the market that’s set to redefine the way viewers experience streaming content. This collaboration makes headway in the OTT landscape as we seamlessly integrate our PRESTOplay video playback technology into the DOTSCREEN Amazin’TV User Interface (UI). The results? An unparalleled streaming experience on Android TV and Smart TV, including Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS.

But what does this partnership mean for content providers and operators? It’s all about streamlining development timelines, enabling lightning-fast OTT service launches, and ensuring our partners and customers stay ahead in the fiercely competitive OTT industry.

Our pre-integration of PRESTOplay into the Amazin’TV UI results in a highly responsive, feature-rich, and customizable video player. This, in turn, translates to superior viewing experiences for audiences around the globe. The solution offers multi-DRM support, adaptive bitrate streaming, and other advanced playback features from PRESTOplay, guaranteeing secure content delivery and exceptional video quality.

“We are thrilled to partner with castLabs, a company renowned for its cutting-edge digital video technology,” said Stanislas Leridon, President of DOTSCREEN. “By integrating PRESTOplay into our Amazin’TV UI, we are taking a significant step forward in providing our clients with the tools they need to deliver world-class OTT experiences to their viewers.”

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”Our collaboration with DOTSCREEN delivers a pre-integrated off-the-shelf player and UI solution, which addresses the main pain points of OTT providers” stated Christophe Kind, Head of Global Partnerships and Market Development at castLabs. “We allow our customers to reduce their time to market as well as to gain more control over their total costs of ownership.”

At castLabs, we understand that the OTT industry evolves rapidly. That’s why, together with DOTSCREEN, we’re committed to providing scalable solutions that can adapt to these changes, ensuring long-term success for service providers. If you’re eager to witness the results of this collaboration firsthand, we invite you to visit us at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, where both DOTSCREEN (#2.B39a) and castLabs (#5.G55) will be showcasing our joint solution from September 15-18.

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