Over the top (OTT) services

We love OTT. But sometimes the video industry moves so fast, you might need a seatbelt.

From on-demand movies to live sports, we’re here to keep the technology simple to use so you can focus on wow-ing your customers with a great streaming service.

OTT streaming

Less development, more deployment

Our core value is accelerating your launch of VOD, live, and offline OTT streaming across all screens – and lowering costs to achieve it.

Some of the outstanding services we’ve helped succeed.

HBO Europe
Video players

Give your player team a boost

Delivering tailored apps across all screens can be tricky. Take advantage of PRESTOplay SDKs to ease your player development. You’ll get frameworks to create exciting playback experiences using the latest streaming technology.

  • Save on development: fabulous feature-rich playback is ready for you
  • Get to market sooner with faster app building
  • Deploy across browsers, phones, tablets, TVs, STBs, game consoles, and desktops

Take a security shortcut

Content monetization

Looking to monetize your premium assets? We’ll get you swiftly launching streaming business models to cash-in on your content.

Studio protection

Studio security requirements slowing you down? We’ll help you quickly reach compliance and make those content owners happy.

Digital rights management (DRM)

Safely serve video across all screens with our DRMtoday license delivery network.

  • Save time and money with a turnkey multi-DRM solution
  • Super-sized scalability that grows with your service
  • Studio recognized security


Adopt server-side forensic watermarking through our Video Toolkit service.

  • Secure crisp-quality 4K/UHD and HDR VOD streams
  • Address problem users: Identify leaks down to the user level

No need to be a security expert

Gain our specialist assistance to complete content protection checks when obtaining your studio media.

VOD processing

Turnaround your content in no time

Looking to prepare VOD files in a hurry? Use our cloud-based Video Toolkit service to rapidly convert content into ready-to-stream OTT formats.

  • Popular processing tools available on-demand
  • Scalable with faster than real-time conversion
  • Cost friendly cloud service

Here’s where we live in the OTT delivery chain

castLabs OTT workflow

Expertise for your service

Looking for something else to enable OTT? Our team of video consulting specialists are here to assist with your most challenging implementations, unique use cases, and custom cloud engineering.

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