castLabs joins IAB Tech Lab to drive addressable TV advertising innovation

We’re thrilled to announce that castLabs is now a proud member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab, marking a significant milestone in our journey as a leader in premium digital video technology.

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This strategic move comes on the heels of several key partnerships that have been forged with industry players in the streaming, media, and entertainment sectors, as we move forward with our ad insertion solution for OTT.

The IAB Tech Lab is a global digital advertising technical standard-setting body that plays a crucial role in advancing the digital media ecosystem, particularly in streaming video and OTT.

Their work includes developing industry standards, conducting research, and providing legal expertise, all while fostering a network of innovative companies. This aligns perfectly with our vision for a comprehensive addressable TV advertising solution that encompasses hybrid video.

Next-gen addressable TV advertising with PRESTOplay

Our focus on innovation is exemplified by the development of addressable TV advertising options for PRESTOplay. This advancement enhances our existing hybrid video player SDKs to support the next generation of ad-insertion technology, known as client-side/server-guided ad insertion (SGAI).

This cutting edge approach seamlessly integrates with HLS interstitials and DASH MPD inserts for dynamic, real-time ad insertion. By offering personalized and less intrusive advertising, it not only enriches viewer engagement but also optimizes ad performance by reducing the complexity and size of ad manifests.

This ensures a scalable, efficient, and streamlined process for ad insertion, making PRESTOplay a powerful tool for broadcasters and content providers looking to boost ad revenues while delivering a superior viewer experience.

We’re thrilled to have castLabs become members of the IAB Tech Lab. Their dedication to innovation in digital video technology perfectly complements our Advanced TV mission. We look forward to their contributions to our Working Groups as we evolve addressable television advertising and enhance the digital advertising ecosystem”

Anthony Katsur, Chief Executive Officer at IAB Tech Lab

“The IAB Tech Lab adds enormous value as we’re expanding our capabilities for the video advertising market” stated Michael Stattmann, castLabs co-founder. “Their industry standards, research activities, legal knowledge, and network of innovative companies will perfectly match our aspirations for a well-rounded addressable TV advertising end-to-end system encompassing client-side advertising and video capabilities.”

“We must align our efforts to the actions of our partners within the total video advertising supply chain and we’ll no doubt benefit big time from IAB Tech Lab’s 2024 priorities and roadmap, including Ad Experiences & Measurement and beyond” said Christophe Kind, Head of Partnerships & Market Development at castLabs.

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