Protecting your video assets can be complex. We’ve simplified it for you. Our license delivery network, DRMtoday, lets you rapidly adopt all major digital rights management (DRM) systems without the stress.


Working with DRM to protect your valuable video assets can be a complicated and time-consuming task, especially with the multitude of different DRM systems and user platforms on the market. We make using multiple DRM systems easy with our DRMtoday service. Let us handle your video-on-demand and live protection so you can focus on getting content to market.

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Multi-DRM Licensing

DRMtoday allows you to support all major DRM systems at once from a single and convenient online source.

Our service combines Microsoft® PlayReady®, Google Widevine (Modular & Classic), CMLA-OMA, and FairPlay Streaming by Apple into a single platform which only requires one integration.

Google Widevine
Modular & Classic
Microsoft PlayReady
FairPlay Streaming

Due to a policy requirement from Apple, you will need to apply for a certificate with the company for their DRM system to become available to you.



Different devices support different DRM systems. To reach the largest audience you will need to distribute your content using multiple rights technologies. We do it all for you. Our service allows your protected videos to run on all modern devices and platforms ensuring maximum reach.



DRMtoday runs across multiple data center regions around the world enabling excellent redundancy with low latency licence key delivery. The flexibility of the cloud also provides easy and seamless scaling based on your needs.

Simplified workflow

Simplified Integration

Traditionally, licensing and integrating even a single DRM system on your own would drain time and resources. Each DRM system is slightly different and requires its own integration process. This means adopting multiple systems has conventionally been costly and complicated. Our solution takes care of the hard work for you.

With our cloud service, all leading DRMs are already set-up and ready for you to use saving you time and money. Along with our single integration process, this means you can get your content to market faster.

Farncombe Security Audit for DRMtoday

DRMtoday has received the Farncombe Security Audit mark from Cartesian’s extensive review of our service.

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Also Available


DRM-enabled Players

We offer a range of player SDKs for browsers, mobiles, and desktops each seamlessly integrated with DRMtoday.

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Video Toolkit

Content Encryption

Looking for an encryption solution with key ingestion for your media workflow? Our Video Toolkit cloud service can help by encoding, encrypting, and packaging video assets into DRM-enabled adaptive streaming formats.

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Passenger entertainment

Passenger Entertainment

We also offer an offline DRM solution, DRMtoday Onboard. This local licensing server is designed to enable protected content for in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems as well as streaming networks operating onboard trains, buses, cruise ships, and ferries.

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DRMtoday by castLabs

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Focus on your content and let us handle its security. Visit our DRMtoday microsite to discover more about our solution and how it works.