DRM for WebRTC streaming

Looking to use WebRTC for premium entertainment, confidential feeds, remote desktop sharing, or enabling revenue models?

We add digital rights management (DRM) protection for cross-device browser delivery where milliseconds matter!

DRM for WebRTC
Real-time ultra-low latency speed

Achieve secure real-time streaming with ultra-low latency speeds faster than MPEG-DASH or HLS.

Plug DRM into your workflow

Easily plug DRM into your WebRTC pipeline: Use your existing encoding and client workflows with our simple API.

Content owners

Meet strict content owner security requirements for premium video streaming.

Security for an abundance of real-time use-cases
  • Sports & betting
  • Gaming & eSports
  • Paid webinars
  • Video conferencing
  • Auctioning
  • Online courses

Scalable security benefits

End-to-end media encryption

Standard WebRTC only uses TLS encryption which is designed for direct point-to-point delivery leading to unencrypted exposure zones when using media servers.

Leveraging the browser CDM, our DRM solution enables end-to-end encryption regardless of how many media servers are between the stream source and your audience.

WebRTC with TLS and DRM
Screen copy protection

Prevent screen recording

Streams are blacked-out during client-side screen recording to prevent content copying and restreaming.

Forensic watermarking

Forensic watermarking

Discover our single-frame watermarking solution with zero-latency to add an extra layer of protection.

Remote desktop sharing with WebRTC and DRM

Secure remote desktop sharing

Today’s production environment offers new opportunities for remote collaboration and workflows. Our real-time desktop sharing app enables secure premium content editing and reviewing.

Remote team workflows

Tailored for remotely working in teams on sensitive pre-release video and audio production content.

Built-in DRM

Built-in DRM using the same industry security standard as consumer video streaming to meet studio requirements.

Ultra-low latency

Responsive remote access with nothing but your browser and WebRTC for blazing fast ultra-low latency speed.

Full feature list

DRM systems
Including hardware-secure DRM levels
Widevine, FairPlay Streaming, PlayReady
Forensic single-frame watermarking
Tunable robustness can embed watermarks imperceptible to the untrained eye
QR code watermark
For example: Include a user’s IP address and session timestamp as a visible burned-in QR code
Screen recording copy protection Yes
Video codec H.264 (GPU acceleration possible)
Audio codec OPUS
Multi-channel audio Stereo, 5.1, 7.1
Adaptive bitrate streaming
Accommodates changes in bandwidth with multiple custom quality levels
HDCP control Yes
Supported browsers
No plugins or third-party software needed
Chrome, Edge, Chromium, Safari
Automated content key ingest into our DRMtoday licensing service Yes
Supported host platforms
For desktop sharing
Windows 10+, Windows Server 2016+, Linux X11
Clipboard sharing
Available with desktop sharing
Multi-monitor for efficient workflows
Available with desktop sharing to work across multiple screen views at once with on-the-fly switching
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