Webinar: Assessing the Importance of Offline Playback and its Metrics

Improving the playback experience traditionally invokes conversation of solutions for online playback, but what about the growing numbers watching offline? Their experience still matters, and more than you might think. Offline playback holds great importance and opportunities for the future of the video industry.

Co-hosted with Nice People At Work (NPAW), this webinar addresses the necessity for a deeper focus on offline playback and the importance of still measuring Quality of Experience (QoE) for these experiences based on the latest offline metrics.

If you have questions or wish to discuss aspects of the webinar, please contact us at: info@castlabs.com.

Broadcast: 22 January 2018

Time: ~40 minutes

Thasso Griebel
Thasso Griebel
Technical Lead Player Development
Marc Maycas
Marc Maycas
VP Product Solutions
Nice People At Work