Webinar: Improving Playback QoE Through Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools

A reliable and constant video playback experience is seen increasingly as a top priority for streaming service providers. Buffering, poor video quality or a lack of player functionality can negatively affect Quality of Experience (QoE) and turn your viewers away.

In association with Nice People At Work (NPAW), we demonstrate how the combination of robust player software, analytics, and business intelligence tools can deliver ideal streaming experiences for viewers of premium video content. Learn how measuring and tracking QoE can present actionable insights to prevent your users from facing unintended playback difficulties.

If you have questions or wish to discuss aspects of the webinar, please contact us at: info@castlabs.com.

Broadcast: 25 October 2016

Time: ~1 hour

Thasso Griebel
Thasso Griebel
Technical Lead Mobile Development
Alberto Gómez
Alberto Gómez
VP Product
Nice People At Work