PRESTOplay: Video Playback Solutions

We provide a variety of software development kits (SDKs) supporting the latest player features and standards across multiple platforms. All of our products are designed to greatly simplify playback application development for delivering digital rights management (DRM) encrypted adaptive bitrate streaming content.

Discover Our PRESTOplay Range of Digital Video Player Solutions

PRESTOplay for Browsers

PRESTOplay for Browsers

Use a single interoperable player for web browsers using HTML5 with a Silverlight® fallback. If you’re seeking true cross-browser playback, we have the solution for you.

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PRESTOplay for Android and iOS

PRESTOplay for Android & iOS

Gain a rich set of features to customize all of your playback needs across smartphones and tablets, as well as Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

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PRESTOplay for Desktops

PRESTOplay for Desktops

Easily create stand-alone playback applications for both Windows® and Mac operating systems using web technologies.

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PRESTOplay for Desktops

PRESTOplay for Universal Windows Platform

Build native apps using web technology for premium content playback on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) devices.

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Just Some of the Features Available

Video playback

Offline, VoD, and live playback

DRM protection

DRM support for studio content playback

ABR streaming formats

MPEG-DASH, CMAF, HLS, Smooth Streaming support

Low latency

Ultra-low latency


Fully customizable UI


Multi-language audio & subtitles

Ad support


QoE & analytics

QoE & analytics integrations

…and many more!

Start simplifying your player development using our PRESTOplay SDKs


Save time and money with reduced workflow

Developing from scratch
Developing with our PRESTOplay SDKs
Common API devices

Common API Ecosystem

Each of our SDKs provide a common cross-platform API to enable consistent playback behavior and to simplify player maintenance. Common elements include: player configuration, ABR algorithm, UI, and subtitles.

Farncombe Security Audit for PRESTOplay

Our player SDKs have received the Farncombe Security Audit mark from Cartesian’s extensive review of our products.

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