Passenger Entertainment Solutions

Onboard entertainment is an important must-have for many consumers, but can be a complex and costly commitment. We offer transportation businesses a range of modular solutions to streamline premium video delivery workflows.

End-to-end Workflow Components

to simplify your studio-to-screen process

Content processing in the cloud

Video Toolkit

Content processing in the cloud to securely prepare media assets for passenger delivery

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Tools to encrypt, encode, and package media into MPEG-DASH, HLS, and Smooth Streaming formats

Multi-DRM licensing

DRMtoday Onboard

Offline DRM licensing with a low onboard footprint to enable secured studio content across all screens

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Multi-DRM support for PlayReady®, Widevine, and FairPlay Streaming

Player technology


Player technology packed with rich playback features for bring-your-own or onboard device environments

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Protected playback for Android, iOS, browsers, Windows, and Mac

Passenger Entertainment Solutions For…

In-flight Entertainment (IFE)

In-flight Entertainment (IFE)


Buses & Coaches





Connected cars

Connected Cars

As vehicle technology advances, new opportunities for in-car entertainment (ICE) systems emerge. Our solutions are also available for use with ‘Internet of Cars’ use-cases.

Example Scenario: In-flight Entertainment

Content Preparation

Before media can be loaded onto an aircraft’s server for viewing, it must first be encoded, encrypted, and packaged into a deliverable format.

We supply this step through our Video Toolkit cloud service.

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Example IFE Scenario: Content Preparation

Safe Synchronization

Encrypted content and relevant license data is then safely stored on the plane’s onboard streaming server.

Securely transferring assets onboard is an important security consideration. We support different content loading and key scenarios including network sync, physical transfer, and dynamic key generation.

Example IFE Scenario: Safe Content Synchronization

Playback Request & DRM Licensing

When a passenger requests playback, an onboard DRM service provides the appropriate license for the DRM system used by the playback device.

Our comprehensive DRMtoday Onboard server technology securely manages DRM licensing for studio content across all screens.

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Example IFE Scenario: Playback Request & DRM Licensing


The license is delivered to the player application where streamed content is decrypted on the device and playback begins.

We offer robust PRESTOplay SDKs to achieve simplified playback for all passenger devices.

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Example IFE Scenario: Playback

Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting

We additionally provide professional services for system development, testing, synchronization process design, and more.

Our experts can also assist you with technical documenting of your Digital Rights Management workflow to help complete studio security checks when obtaining content.

DRM detailing for studios

Airline Passenger Experience Association

Changes in technology and consumer expectations create unique challenges for in-flight entertainment. To ensure we continually meet the airline industry’s needs we are a member of the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX).

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