Case study: Formuler’s fast Widevine CDM certification


Formuler started working with castLabs in 2021 to obtain Google Widevine device certification on a wide range of set-top boxes.


Formuler needed to complete the Widevine L1 Content Decryption Module (CDM) certification process, a mandatory requirement to facilitate the streaming of premium content across their devices. This crucial certification step ensures the capability to deliver studio content streaming with HD and UHD quality levels.

The challenges with integrating and certifying the Widevine CDM included:

  • Ensuring compliance with Widevine security requirements.
  • Streamlining the certification process to expedite time-to-market.
  • Minimizing potential issues or rejections during certification.
  • Getting things done on schedule and avoiding any delays on meeting deadlines.


As highly experienced content protection specialists, castLabs is one of the few organizations trusted by Google to be a Third Party Labs (3PL) partner to certify Widevine implementations on their behalf. In this context, we offered a comprehensive solution to address Formuler’s challenges:

  • In-depth assessment and customized guidance: After conducting an extensive review of Formuler’s devices, we provided Formuler with detailed guidance on making necessary modifications, ensuring compliance with Widevine standards.
  • Testing and validation: We conducted rigorous testing to verify that Formuler’s products and apps met the security requirements of Widevine, identifying any issues promptly to avoid rejections.
  • Documentation assistance: Our team helped Formuler prepare the required documentation and facilitate the submission process to Widevine.
  • Fast processing: We ensured a speedy completion of the entire process, guaranteeing swift and efficient fulfillment of the certification requirements.

“It has been delightful to work with castLabs for getting Widevine L1 certification for many models among our Z10 and Z11 series. The biggest challenge that we always had is getting things done on schedule. We chose castLabs because response was always fast. Communication of staff has been professional and clear, and response has been always fast. In addition, staff are always willing to help us in a timely manner.”

Huns Kim, Deputy Sales Manager at Formuler

“castLabs’ expertise in providing support for Widevine CAS deployments gives us the confidence that our content is in the hands of highly qualified professionals. Their commitment to excellence aligns with Google’s standards, and castLabs has proven to be one of the highly qualified companies with the ability to confidently install and configure Widevine systems for their clients.”

Brian Baker, Head of Widevine at Google


The collaboration between Formuler and castLabs yielded several significant outcomes. First of all, Formuler was able to complete Widevine L1 certification of many models on schedule, allowing them to access premium content and distribute their devices and apps to a broad audience without delay.

With Widevine certification, Formuler’s products and applications offer the highest level of content security, further enhancing their brand reputation. castLabs’ expertise streamlined the certification process, reducing potential rejections, and ensured a smooth transition to Widevine’s standards. And last but not least, Formuler gained a competitive edge by being able to offer secure streaming services and access premium content, attracting more users and business opportunities.

castLabs’ collaboration with Formuler in achieving Widevine certification for their devices and applications demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality DRM certification services to our clients. We take pride in helping our clients quickly enhance their products and access premium content, leading to their continued success and growth in the ever-evolving streaming industry.


Formuler is a company that specializes in the development, design, production, and support of digital broadcast customer-premises equipment. Their wide array of products allow end-users to consume a variety of video streaming content from different sources including terrestrial, satellite, IPTV, and OTT.


Year established: 2015

HQ: South Korea

Service: Streaming platform, satellite, IPTV, OTT


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