Whitepaper: Widevine CAS and PRESTOplay for hybrid TV

Unlock the power of hybrid TV with Widevine CAS and PRESTOplay

Looking to switch on your hybrid TV experience? Look no further than Widevine CAS and PRESTOplay, two powerful tools combined to bring OTT and IPTV/DVB video delivery to your audiences.

Yes Lower costs

Yes Faster time to market

Yes No vendor lock-in

Widevine CAS is a highly secure and robust content protection solution that supports Android TV devices. Paired with Widevine CAS, PRESTOplay is a comprehensive media player SDK that provides advanced video playback features for hybrid TV.

Together, Widevine CAS and PRESTOplay deliver smooth, high-quality video playback on any device or platform, whether is OTT or IPTV/DVB.

Learn more about Widevine CAS and PRESTOplay for hybrid TV in our whitepaper below!

Hybrid TV for Android

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