Panel discussion: Maximize efficiencies & minimize costs in your OTT workflow

Now that both established providers and new entrants have their OTT workflows in place, it’s time to focus on making those workflows more productive, more efficient, and more cost-effective from glass to glass. Is the cloud – with its lower total cost of ownership, faster response times, quicker time to market, and reduced delivery costs – the answer? Whether you’ve moved to the cloud, are thinking of making the leap, or need to keep an on-prem or hybrid approach, this panel will help you find the improvements you need to make.

The live panel includes topics such as:

  • Building an ecosystem with partners: simply deploy without having to complete in-house integrations, with more powerful and low-level alternatives to OVP solutions
  • Removing proprietary elements and instead building on open-source/open-standard solutions
  • Having a scalable solution which is more cost effective than having to build, maintain, and update a DRM delivery system
  • SaaS business model: a pricing model that scales together as your service grows

Broadcast: 5 Oct 2021

Time: 58 minutes

James Hynard
James Hynard
Sales Manager
Vinay K Gupta
Vinay K Gupta
Principal Solution Architect,
OTT Media & Broadcast
Magnus Svensson
Magnus Svensson
Media Solution Specialist
Eyevinn Technology
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