Webinar: Gateway to VOD – Integrating different payment methods and a DRM solution

Secure distribution and monetization of VOD that integrates different payment methods can be a tricky process. In this webinar with Kinow, a turnkey solution to manage and broadcast video catalogs, we discuss a joint project for LaCinetek including what solutions were applied to enhance and evolve their streaming service infrastructure.

Kinow set in place a multi-platform management tool and integrated different payment methods while we supplied our DRMtoday licensing solution to meet content owner security requirements, avoid piracy, and address service scalability.

Our webinar covers topics including:

  • Distribution and monetization of VOD content
  • Different streaming video business models: SVOD and TVOD
  • Different viewing modes via Chromecast and AirPlay
  • Benefits of using Kinow’s API and DRMtoday
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Broadcast: 5 May 2021

Time: 35 minutes

Gerard Maulino
Gerard Maulino
Solutions Architect
Sibyl Imbeaux
Sibyl Imbeaux
Account Manager
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