DOWNstream for Electron

We’ve developed the open-source stream downloader, DOWNstream, as a free plugin for video player apps built on the Electron framework.

When used with our free custom Electron build, your native Windows and Mac desktop apps can also playback DRM-protected content online and offline.


Enable premium offline content on desktops

Offline playback is a feature OTT streaming services can use to extend their customer’s viewing options. You can achieve this through standalone desktops apps using three components: our desktop app environment supporting DRM, our DOWNstream content downloader, and player logic.

Working with Google’s Widevine DRM team, we’ve released two of these projects for free to simplify offline-enabled experiences when leveraging Electron to build video players.


Desktop app framework

Custom Electron content security build

The standard Electron framework allows you to publish native Windows and Mac desktop apps, but with our free software you can also make DRM-protected video available for playback across these operating systems. We supply a custom Electron build that adds important content security features to enable DRM for both online and offline playback use-cases.

Added features include: Google’s Widevine CDM, Google’s Verified Media Path, and persistent sessions.


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Stream downloader

DOWNstream for Electron

To provide offline playback you must securely manage the download and storage of video content.

DOWNstream is our open-source plugin for use with Electron allowing encrypted MPEG-DASH streams to be safely downloaded and stored locally on a user’s Windows or Mac computer.


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GitHub   Visit at GitHub   NPM   Visit at npm

Player logic

Player logic: Desktop SDK

Want to provide native Windows or macOS player apps for studio content? Then you’ll also need a playback component supporting DRM and persistent licensing.

You can build this from scratch or take advantage of PRESTOplay for Web Apps. Our feature-rich SDK offers a rapid development environment making it easy to build both online and offline apps.

Discover PRESTOplay for Web Apps

We can also help with simple and scalable DRM licensing!