Webinar: Challenges across the OTT end-to-end solution – Exploring all angles

In this webinar we talk about the challenges across the OTT end-to-end solution beyond scalability and how we can solve them with a partner network of leading technology companies across the video delivery industry.

We’re sitting down together with NPAW, 3 Screen Solutions and Unified Streaming to chat about:

  • Ensuring the best streaming quality across all screens and devices
  • The importance of specs in interoperability
  • Overcoming device compatibility challenges
  • The role of application data in QoE & QoS
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Broadcast: 14 Dec 2021

Time: 60 minutes

castLabs Bojan Jovanovic
Bojan Jovanović
Media Solutions Specialist
3SS Pierre Donath
Pierre Donath
Chief Product Officer & Chief Marketing Officer
NPAW Ruben Senor-Megias
Ruben Senor-Megias
Chief Sales Officer
Unified Streaming Mark Ogle
Mark Ogle
Sr. Streaming Solutions Engineer
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