PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Ads – NAB 2024

Watch Thasso Griebel’s presentation on PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Ads (SGAI) at NAB 2024.

In a brisk 20-minute session at Connect Tech Chat Theater, castLabs’ Technical Lead for Player Development dives into the concept behind our hot-off-the-press PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Ads technology. Grounded in server-guided ad insertion (SGAI), this dynamic ad insertion technology was a highlighted demonstration at the castLabs booth during NAB 2024 and stands as an exclusive component of the PRESTOplay suite.

Recorded: 14 Apr 2024

Time: 20 minutes

Picture of Thasso Griebel
Thasso Griebel
Technical Lead Player Development
Two screens with ad icons

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