Video Toolkit

Video Toolkit is a cloud service that provides high-quality encoding/transcoding, encryption, subtitle conversion, and packaging of video assets into on-demand DRM-enabled adaptive streaming formats. Our service helps you focus on what matters: getting your content to market quickly.

Video Toolkit

Scalable & Cost Effective

Video Toolkit’s cloud processing is ideal for variable demand by allowing you to pay only for what you need. We offer various configurations to match your budget: from inexpensive speeds to faster-than-real-time conversion.

Our efficient batch processing will easily meet your capacity requirements by managing thousands of content titles of any size. Instead of spending resources maintaining software or dedicated infrastructure, let us handle the video processing workload for you.

Workflow Features for On-Demand Content

Available workflow tools
Available workflow tools
Workflow definition JSON REST API
Parallel processing Yes
Job prioritization Yes
Supported Inputs
Video MP4, MOV, MXF, IMF, Widevine Classic (WVM), HLS, and more …
Resolution SD, HD, UHD/4K +
Audio PCM/WAV, MP2, SMPTE 302M, and more …
Subtitles TTML, WebVTT, SRT
Third-party encoded/transcoded content also possible as inputs.

Video Toolkit supports over 100 video/audio codecs and formats as inputs to ensure your content is compatible with our service.

Supported Outputs
Packaging MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, HLS, Widevine Classic, CSF, CMAF
Encryption Common Encryption, Widevine Modular, PlayReady, CMLA-OM, Widevine Classic, FairPlay Streaming
Encryption modes CTR (CENC, CENS) and CBC (CBC1, CBCS)
Video H.264 (AVC), H.265 (HEVC), VP9
Container MP4
Audio AAC, DTS
Subtitles TTML, WebVTT, SRT
Destinations AWS S3
HDR HDR10 compliant

Comprehensive Content Security

Fully secured

Fully Protected

Your content is encrypted along the entire workflow chain to ensure complete security: during file transfer, while processing/queuing, and the output file-set.


Common Encryption

Our API can use the Common Encryption (CENC) standard for playback compatibility with studio-recognized DRM systems such as Microsoft® PlayReady®, Google Widevine Modular, Adobe® Primetime, CMLA-OMA, and FairPlay Streaming (via CBC mode).

Forensic watermarking

Forensic Watermarking

Studios increasingly require enhanced content security measures. We enable forensic watermarking to identify content theft sources. Unique serial numbers are embedded into streams which cannot be removed, regardless of distortions or alterations being made to content.


Multi-region Processing

Using the flexibility of the AWS cloud we offer secured scalability across multiple regions. This allows processing to be performed in close proximity to your servers for maximum efficiency.

Powered by Amazon Web Services

Content key

Key Ingestion

During encryption you can have keys ingested into your own DRM licensing service or you can take advantage of our robust DRMtoday cloud solution.

Example Workflows

Below are just a few examples to illustrate the capabilities of our Video Toolkit, however, many more input and output combinations are supported.

Input Processes Output
Widevine Classic > transmux re-encrypt re-package > MPEG-DASH/CENC
(Eg: Widevine Modular compatible)
H.264/MOV > transcode encrypt package > H.265/MPEG-DASH/CENC
H.265/MP4 > transcode package > H.264/Smooth Streaming
Smooth Streaming/PlayReady > re-encrypt re-package > HLS/FairPlay Streaming
H.264/MP2 > transcode > H.265/MP4

Farncombe Security Audit for Video Toolkit

Video Toolkit has received the Farncombe Security Audit mark from Cartesian’s extensive review of our service.

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Playback Applications

Playback Applications

Packaged MPEG-DASH, HLS, and Smooth Streaming content is also compatible with our multi-platform PRESTOplay player SDK software.

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