PRESTOplay SDK for Desktops

Providing your customers with native desktop playback apps is simpler than ever. You can now easily offer digital rights management (DRM) protected video content for online or offline viewing as a custom desktop application allowing your users to enjoy their favorite entertainment on the go.

PRESTOplay SDK for desktops

Secured Online and Offline Playback

The PRESTOplay SDK for Desktops allows you to build fully-featured stand-alone video streaming applications for VoD and live content. But what if your customers are on the move or in remote areas where Wi-Fi and mobile internet is not available?

Our SDK allows DRM-protected content and DRM licenses to be safely pre-downloaded to a user’s laptop or desktop computer. Content can then be securely played back locally on a PC or Mac without needing access to the internet.


Play Now

Stream DRM-protected VoD and live content, just as you would in a browser

Learning curves

Play Later

Play back locally stored DRM-protected content for offline use cases


A perfect solution for your traveling users!

For laptop and desktop computers

Write Once, Publish Twice

Easily create rich playback programs for both Windows® and macOS by writing only one application.


DRM-enabled for studio content playback


Uses Google’s Widevine DRM system for online and offline content protection


Seamlessly integrated with our cloud-based DRM licensing service, DRMtoday


Based on Web Technologies

Our SDK allows you to build a fully-featured video playback desktop application using the latest web technology and standards. Previously, secured offline functionality was only available through traditional plugin-based applications such as Silverlight® or Adobe® AIR®. You no longer need to rely on these legacy technologies.


Built using our PRESTOplay for Browsers technology as well as the Electron and Chromium frameworks, our SDK allows DRM-enabled playback using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

Verified Media Path enabled

Verified Media Path Enabled

Chromium 59 introduced improvements to the Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) including a new security feature: Verified Media Path (VMP). VMP requires that only authorized components can be used to communicate with the CDM for an extra layer of content protection. PRESTOplay for Desktops is fully compatible with Google’s VMP security technology.

PRESTOplay for Desktops: Features

Operating Systems
Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-bit) Yes
macOS 10.9+ Yes
Streaming Formats VoD & Live Offline
MPEG-DASH (supporting CMAF)
With & without DRM
Yes Yes
Smooth Streaming
With & without DRM
Yes Available on request
Without DRM
Yes Available on request
Playback Features
VoD downloader
For local playback
Ultra-low latency Yes
nPVR/nDVR support Yes
Intelligent ABR streaming algorithm Yes
Thumbnail support Yes
Encrypted & unencrypted content Yes
DRM system used
MPEG-DASH & Smooth Streaming
Studio-recognized protection Yes
Verified Media Path (VMP) enabled Yes
Persistent sessions Yes
Built-in DRMtoday compatibility Yes
Video codecs H.264, H.265, & VP9
Containers MP4, PIFF
Technology base HTML5, JS, CSS, EME
with Electron
Common API framework [Show more] Yes
Fully customizable user interface Yes
Includes Video.js
Compatible with Video.js plugins
Formats HE-AAC, LC-AAC
Multi-language Yes
Multi-language Yes
Subtitle images support
FCC compliant Yes
Ads VoD & Live Offline
VAST support with IMA Yes Available on request
Technology Pre-integrations VoD & Live
Youbora (Nice People At Work) Yes
Nielsen Yes
Conviva Yes
Streamroot DNA Yes
Broadpeak Video Analytics Yes
Streaming technology compatibility examples
AWS Elemental Yes
Microsoft Azure Media Services Yes
Unified Streaming Yes
Wowza Yes

More features on the way

Our PRESTOplay SDKs are constantly being updated with new features. Speak with us if there’s something you’re looking to implement to enrich your desktop playback experience.

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