PRESTOplay SDK for Browsers

PRESTOplay lets you deliver consistent VoD and live streaming experiences regardless of which browser your customers use. We simplify playback of digital rights management (DRM) protected MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, and HLS video content with a single interoperable player.

PRESTOplay for Browsers

Cross-browser Playback

Developers don’t need to consider browser-specifics as our SDK automatically delivers protected playback using the available technology in each browser. This means you get a robust player application that ‘just works’ across all major browsers.


Modern Browsers

Playback utilizes HTML5 and EME with either Common Encryption (CENC) or FairPlay Streaming for DRM.

Silverlight fallback

Legacy Browsers

Plugins are still relevant until all consumers use modern browsers. To account for non-HTML5 users, we include a Silverlight® fallback option with PlayReady®.

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PRESTOplay for Browsers: Features

Streaming Formats
MPEG-DASH (supporting CMAF) Yes
Smooth Streaming Yes
Playback Features
Video on demand (VoD) Yes
Live Yes
Ultra-low latency Yes
nPVR/nDVR support Yes
Intelligent ABR streaming algorithm Yes
Thumbnail support Yes
Solves NPAPI deprecation Yes
Chromecast support
Both sender & receiver apps
AirPlay® support Yes
Encrypted & unencrypted content Yes
DRM support Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay Streaming
Depending on browser
Studio-recognized protection Yes
Multi-key support [Show more]
Useful when different encryption keys for different content representations are required.
Built-in DRMtoday compatibility Yes
Video codecs
Where supported by browsers
H.264, H.265, & VP9
Containers MP4, PIFF
Technology base HTML5, JS, CSS, EME
with Silverlight fallback
Fully customizable user interface Yes
Common API framework [Show more] Yes
Includes Video.js
Compatible with Video.js plugins
Includes Shaka Player Yes
Formats HE-AAC, LC-AAC
Multi-language Yes
Multi-language Yes
Subtitle images support
FCC compliant Yes
IAB VAST support via Google IMA Yes
Technology Pre-integrations
Youbora (Nice People At Work) Yes
Nielsen Yes
Conviva Yes
Streamroot DNA Yes
Broadpeak Video Analytics Yes
Streaming technology compatibility examples
AWS Elemental Yes
Microsoft Azure Media Services Yes
Unified Streaming Yes
Wowza Yes

More features on the way

Our PRESTOplay SDKs are constantly being updated with new features. Speak with us if there’s something you’re looking to implement to enrich your playback experience.


DRM Licensing Support

Seamlessly integrated with our cloud-based service, DRMtoday, providing all licensing needed for protected playback across browsers.

Shaka Player and Video.js

Solid Foundation

Our SDK uses Google’s Shaka Player and Video.js as a solid foundation with powerful playback features added on top.


Chromecast Support

Built-in sender and receiver functionality for Google’s Chromecast lets your viewers enjoy content on large screens.

Migrate to MPEG-DASH

Migrate from Smooth Streaming to MPEG-DASH

With our SDK, you can continue using your PlayReady-protected Smooth Streaming content in HTML5 with alternate DRM systems. This means you can begin adopting MPEG-DASH while still using your existing Smooth Streaming assets.

For example, you can play encrypted Smooth Streaming content in Chrome using HTML5/EME with Widevine. Our player converts Smooth Streaming content for MPEG-DASH playback on-the-fly with no server-side changes needed. Everything is handled on the client-side including: manifest transformation, video decoder initialization, and dynamic conversion to MPEG-DASH compatible fragments.

Silverlight and Flash

Make the Move to HTML5

If you currently rely solely on Silverlight or Adobe® Flash® for playback, you’ll need to switch to modern technology as browsers shift away from plugins. Silverlight is already well on its way out, and Adobe will stop supporting Flash in 2020. Major browser vendors including Google, Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft are already phasing out Flash support.

PRESTOplay for Browsers is the perfect solution for upgrading your web player to HTML5 as we continually develop our SDK to adapt to changes in the browser market.

HTML5 Browser Compatibility & Streaming Formats

Scroll to the right to see the full table.

  Browser Browser DRM System MPEG-DASH & Smooth Streaming HLS
Chrome Chrome Widevine Windows® & macOS & Chrome OS & Android & Linux®
Firefox Firefox® Widevine Windows & macOS & Linux
Safari Safari® FairPlay Streaming
Safari does not support these formats with DRM
macOS & iOS 11.2+
Microsoft Edge Edge PlayReady Windows
Opera Opera Widevine Windows & macOS
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer® PlayReady IE 11 on Windows 8.1+
Chromecast Chromecast Widevine or PlayReady Yes
Google regularly deprecates old versions of the Widevine CDM as a security measure. This means old versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera which use an outdated Widevine CDM will not be able to use DRM. Learn more about Google’s Widevine CDM deprecation schedule.
Silverlight fallback
Legacy browser versions on Windows/macOS/Linux without native HTML5/EME support can use our built-in Silverlight fallback for MPEG-DASH and Smooth Streaming playback with PlayReady DRM. Please note that Safari 12+ does not support Silverlight.
  Browser MPEG-DASH & Smooth Streaming HLS
Chrome Chrome Windows & macOS & Chrome OS & Linux & Android Windows & macOS & Chrome OS & Linux & Android & iOS
Firefox Firefox Windows & macOS & Linux & Android Windows & macOS & Linux & Android & iOS
Safari Safari macOS macOS & iOS
Microsoft Edge Edge Windows Windows
Opera Opera Windows & macOS & Android Windows & macOS & Android
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Windows Windows 8.1+
Chromecast Chromecast Yes Yes
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