360adapt Codec

Digital video delivery in virtual reality (VR) scenarios creates unique challenges not present with traditional 2D playback. We are excited to provide solutions to meet the emerging efficiency demands for this new frontier of video experience.

Virtual reality

Optimized VR Streaming

We provide ‘adaptive viewing’ technology through our 360adapt codec to improve the efficiency of 360° video rendering. Content is optimized specifically for VR use-cases to raise the viewing quality a user experiences compared to regular 360 playback.

Frame via regular sphere mapping:

Frame via regular sphere mapping

Frame rendered in same resolution in all directions

Frame via our approach with cube mapping:

Frame via our 'adaptive view' approach

Frame segmented to display higher resolution in field-of-view & lower resolution off-view

Our approach can enable any of these benefits:

  • Less than half the bandwidth usage for equal resolution
  • Double resolution with the same bandwidth
  • Stereoscopic VR at no extra bandwidth cost

Cube direction views

This is achieved by reproducing content into six different stream versions, each with frame pixels arranged to produce the highest resolution for the viewer based on which direction of the cube they face.

In this manner, our method effectively trades pixels from where the user cannot see them (for example, behind them) to increase the resolution where the viewer is currently facing.

Player software recognizes when the user changes view direction and switches to the appropriate stream.

Example resolution improvements using our 360adapt codec compared to regular 360 spherical rendering:

Quad High Definition (QHD)
(2560 x 1440)
> Rendered in same quality as > Equirectangular 4K
(3840 x 1920)
Encoding improvements

Encoding Improvements

Our technology also provides benefits to the encoding process:

  • Efficiency gains during encoding workflow are possible due to content frames being ‘flat’ and undistorted
  • Pixel density is equal meaning no redundancy compared to sphere mapping poles
  • Combined with VP9/HEVC, bandwidth can possibly be reduced to 25% of regular content
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