PRESTOplay for Web Apps

HTML5 is everywhere these days. But how can you reach all those devices with premium video streaming?

PRESTOplay for Web Apps is our SDK framework for deploying fantastic HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS video players across web-enabled platforms.

Designed to drastically lower development time and costs, you can easily deliver leading-quality playback experiences with plenty of fresh features.

Shared HTML5 player framework

Carefree browser video players

Your customers can use whichever browser their hearts desire.

Chrome Firefox Safari Microsoft Edge Opera Internet Explorer Chromecast

Check out our browser support.

Browser playback

Visit our demo page to try our player in your browser.

Smart TV players

Deploy direct to TVs

Cozy up on that couch. You can present stunning stand-alone apps on Samsung and LG smart TVs.

Samsung Tizen smart TVs LG webOS smart TVs
UWP video player

Single UWP video player

Unleash one app across Universal Windows Platform (UWP) devices including Windows® 10 PCs and Xbox One.

Windows 10 apps Xbox apps
Desktop video players

Download to desktops

Empower audiences with offline playback. Quickly build native Windows and macOS apps with sleek VOD downloading.

Windows 10 apps Electron framework macOS apps

Digital rights management (DRM) ready

Content monetization

Monetize and protect your content. We support studio approved DRM systems using Encrypted Media Extensions (EME).

DRM enabled

Securely license across all screens. PRESTOplay works with DRM services including our cloud DRMtoday solution.

Common Encryption

Get more out of your library. Play Common Encryption (CENC) streams regardless of which DRM system they were packaged for.

Hardware DRM

Dazzle your customers with next-gen HD, UHD, and HDR quality. If a device includes hardware-DRM, we support it.

Used worldwide by big enterprise to niche streamers

HBO Europe
Galaxy Play

Cure your player pain points with superior support

Have a tricky challenge that needs special care? Looking for customization to enrich your app? You get more than just a player: we’re here to support your playback vision.

Popular QoE & analytics built-in

Looking to use quality of experience (QoE), analytics, or peer-to-peer (P2P) networking tools? We’ve pre-integrated popular providers: all you need is an account!

Nice People At Work

Let’s get technical

Check out everything PRESTOplay for Web Apps can do for you.

Scroll right to see the full table.

  Browsers Desktops Universal Windows Platform Smart TVs
Supported platforms Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera,
Internet Explorer
Windows 8/10
macOS 10.9+
Windows 10
Xbox One
Samsung Tizen
LG webOS
Development & configuration
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Video.js
And Video.js plugins
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Light library footprint
Fully deployed, uncompressed, with all extensions: ~300K
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Streaming formats
With DRM & unencrypted
(View DRM support)
Yes Yes Yes
Smooth Streaming
With DRM & unencrypted
(View DRM support)
Yes Yes Yes
With DRM & unencrypted
(View DRM support)
With DRM & unencrypted
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Progressive MP4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video on demand (VOD) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Not possible on browsers Yes Yes No
HLS live event
Seek back in live streams
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chromecast support
Both sender & receiver apps
Yes Yes No N/A
AirPlay® support Yes
No No N/A
Thumbnails Yes Yes Yes Yes
nPVR/nDVR for live streams
Record real-time broadcasts for on-demand replay
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
DRM system used
For studio-recognized security
Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay Streaming
(View browser support)
(SL3000 hardware-secured on supported devices)
Widevine (L1 hardware-secured on supported models),
PlayReady (SL3000 hardware-secured on supported models)
Multi-key support
For different content representations
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Key rotation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Smooth Streaming & PlayReady already supported Smooth Streaming & PlayReady already supported
Built-in DRMtoday compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio, video, & subtitles
Multi-language Yes Yes Yes Yes
With images for IMSC & SMPTE-TT
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video & audio codecs Uses browser supported codecs Uses device supported codecs Uses device supported codecs Uses device supported codecs
On supported devices
Yes Yes Yes Yes
IAB VAST ad insertion via Google IMA
With multi-period support for MPEG-DASH
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) Yes Yes Yes Yes

We constantly update our players, so more features are always on the way!

HTML5 browser compatibility & streaming formats

  Browser Browser DRM system MPEG-DASH & Smooth Streaming HLS
Chrome Chrome Widevine Windows® & macOS & Chrome OS & Android & Linux®
Firefox Firefox® Widevine Windows & macOS & Linux
Safari Safari® FairPlay Streaming
Safari doesn’t support these formats with DRM
macOS & iOS 11.2+
Microsoft Edge Edge Widevine & PlayReady Windows & macOS & Android
Opera Opera Widevine Windows & macOS
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer® 11 PlayReady Windows 8.1+
Chromecast Chromecast Widevine & PlayReady Yes
Google regularly deprecates old versions of the Widevine CDM as a security measure. This means old versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera using an outdated Widevine CDM will not be able to use DRM. Learn more about Google’s Widevine CDM deprecation schedule.
  Browser MPEG-DASH & Smooth Streaming HLS
Chrome Chrome Windows & macOS & Chrome OS & Linux & Android Windows & macOS & Chrome OS & Linux & Android & iOS
Firefox Firefox Windows & macOS & Linux & Android Windows & macOS & Linux & Android & iOS
Safari Safari macOS macOS & iOS
Microsoft Edge Edge Windows & macOS & Android Windows & macOS & Android & iOS
Opera Opera Windows & macOS & Android Windows & macOS & Android & iOS
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11 Windows Windows
Chromecast Chromecast Yes Yes

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