PRESTOplay for GStreamer

GStreamer‘s portable nature can play an essential role in delivering high-quality OTT video apps across platforms.

Whether you’re targeting RDK or Linux set-top boxes, desktops, or in-flight entertainment, PRESTOplay gives you the added power to stream premium content safely.

PRESTOplay for GStreamer

Secure streaming with MPEG-DASH & DRM

  • Add Widevine or PlayReady to your player architecture to fulfill content owner conditions
  • Achieve end-to-end protected playback with DRM-enabled streaming
  • Works seamlessly with our scalable DRMtoday licensing service
Plug-in to your GStreamer player pipeline

Already have a GStreamer pipeline?

Simply plug-in our elements for new capabilities and improved performance.

Build video player from scratch

Building from scratch?

Take advantage of our easy API to quickly create apps running GStreamer internally.

Our tech team is here to help

Leverage our deep GStreamer expertise to meet your streaming vision!

  • Quick integration assistance
  • Solve playback challenges cost efficiently
  • Enable custom features or support additional devices
  • Extend legacy STB lives: Add OTT playout, improve performance, or unify playback with newer models

Easily create feature-rich native apps

RDK set-top boxes
RDK set-top boxes
Linux set-top boxes & embedded systems
Linux set-top boxes & embedded systems
Game engines
Game engines & VR for metaverse
Avoid maintenance cost

Leave the hard work to us! We maintain playback components letting you focus on getting content to market and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Our GStreamer extensions

We add these powerful features for protected premium content experiences.

Compatible with GStreamer 1.16+

Development & configuration PRESTOplay for GStreamer Base GStreamer
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Streaming formats & protocols
Yes Yes
Smooth Streaming Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Video on demand (VOD) Yes Yes
Live Yes Yes
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
WebVTT & BIF, with single and gridded images
Yes No
Yes Yes
Decoder mode only
Widevine DRM
Hardware L1 & software L3 security levels
Yes No
No DRM available
(clear content only)
PlayReady® DRM
Software & SL3000 hardware-secured where supported
Yes No
No DRM available
(clear content only)
Key rotation Yes No
Offline DRM & license storage Yes No
Multi-key support
For different content representations
Yes No
License pre-fetching Yes No
DRM protected WebRTC Coming soon! No
Built-in DRMtoday compatibility Yes No
Audio, video, & subtitles
Multi language Yes Yes
Advanced TTML & WebVTT subtitle support, SRT
With automatic subtitle selection & preferred language
Yes No
Limited support for TTML & WebVTT
Video & audio codecs
Example: H.264, H.265, VP9, AAC, AC3/EAC3
Uses device supported codecs Uses device supported codecs
SD/HD/4K/8K+, HDR10/HDR10+/Dolby Vision
On supported devices
Yes Yes
IAB VAST seamless ad insertion via Google IMA Coming soon! No
Coming soon! No
Third-party pre-integrations
Analytics Coming soon! No

Check out our other PRESTOplay options for Android, iOS, Web Apps, and React Native for simplified cross-platform playback.

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