PRESTOplay for Android

Need to deliver rich streaming video apps for Android or Android TV platforms that’ll blow your audience away?

We offer a powerful software development kit (SDK) for creating high-end player experiences that consumers expect.

Our PRESTOplay SDK lets you rapidly construct sleek players. Built for devs, by devs, we give you the building blocks to massively reduce development costs and speed up your time to market.

Android and Android TV SDK for streaming video
OTT and PayTV broadcast streaming

OTT streaming

Reach a multitude of phones, tablets, STBs, and smart TVs by quickly creating apps across Android, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Hybrid Android TV playback

Deploying PayTV broadcast or multicast service? Our player tech enables hybrid OTT and DVB/IPTV streaming through a single STB app saving you on development and maintenance.

Just some of the services we’ve helped succeed

Watcha Play

Serious security: DRM & CAS

Premium content needs studio-recognized protection. Luckily, security is one of our specialties!

DRM enabled

Built-in Widevine, PlayReady, and WisePlay DRM support for secure online and offline playback.

Widevine CAS enabled

Works with Widevine CAS for SoC vendors and STB OEMs to easily integrate at low cost.

Hardware DRM

Hardware-security support to give your audience HD, UHD, and HDR quality excitement.

DRM and CAS license delivery

PRESTOplay works seamlessly with our scalable DRMtoday cloud DRM and CAS licensing service.

Cure your player pain points with superior support

You get more than just software – our player experts are here to help achieve your vision!

  • Deep technical assistance when you need it
  • Solve tricky content, device, and playback challenges with our low-level know-how
  • Custom development to enrich your app
  • Flexible roadmap

QoE & analytics? Ready!

Using third party quality of experience (QoE), analytics, or peer-to-peer (P2P) networking tools? We’re already pre-integrated with popular providers: all you need is an account.

Nice People At Work

Over and above open source

Ordinary open-source players are great for basic playback but things can get tricky when extra features, consumer-reach, or support are desired.

We’ve built on ExoPlayer as a solid starting point with deep modifications.

Valuable features and better performance

An abundance of added features and performance enhancements for leading playback experiences.

Improved compatibility

Greatly improved device and stream compatibility to maximize audience reach.

Fast issue support

Fast support to investigate workflow issues or squish a sneaky bug with priority.

Unlock the power of SGAI for Android TV

Our hybrid player enables server-guided ad insertion (SGAI) into your live IPTV and OTT streams, offering comprehensive client-side capabilities. By reducing the complexity and size of ad manifests, we ensure optimized performance and a superior viewer experience tailored for Android devices, including Android TV.

PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Ads
Streamlined ad insertion

Streamlined ad insertion

Leverage HLS Interstitials and DASH Media Presentation Description events.

Client-side measurement

Client-side measurement

Benefit from integrations with top-tier ad tracking and verification tools.

Enhanced monetization

Enhanced monetization

Optimize revenue across live, VOD, and replay inventories.

Full of fantastic features

Our friendly API opens up the latest streaming technology with everything you need to build beautifully bespoke video players.

Our SDK supports Android 4.1+ (API level 16+)

Development & configuration PRESTOplay for Android Base ExoPlayer
Yes No
Yes No
Yes Partial: Pre-caching only
Yes Partial: No CDN rotation
External display restriction
Optionally prevent playback on secondary displays
HDMI, Miracast
Yes No
Simplified UI tools
Extra device support available
Yes No
Yes Yes
Streaming formats & protocols
Smooth Streaming Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Yes No
IPTV multicast Yes No
Progressive MP4 Yes Yes
Video on demand (VOD) Yes Yes
Live Yes Yes
Yes No
Yes Yes
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes Yes
Yes No
Yes Partial: No rewind, and decoder mode only
360 video Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Improved performance
MediaSession support
Including media2 library integration
Yes Yes
Audio focus Yes Yes
Texture views
Example: 3D animated transitions
Yes Yes
Chromecast Yes Yes
Widevine DRM
Level 1 hardware-secured where supported
Supports AES-CTR & AES-CBC (Android 7.1+) encryption modes
Yes Yes
Widevine CAS
For Android TV
Yes No
PlayReady® DRM (on supported devices)
SL3000 hardware-secured where supported
Supports AES-CTR & AES-CBC (on devices with PlayReady 4+) encryption modes
Yes Yes
WisePlay DRM (on supported devices)
Hardware-secured where supported
Supports AES-CTR & AES-CBC encryption modes
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Offline DRM & license storage Yes Yes
Multi-key support
For different content representations. Includes license pre-fetching.
Yes Yes
Key rotation Yes Yes
Built-in DRMtoday compatibility Yes No
Audio, video, & subtitles
Multi language Yes Yes
With images for IMSC & SMPTE-TT
Yes Yes
No IMSC image support
Yes Partial
Yes Yes
With multithreading & improved render balancing
Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Video & audio codecs
Example: H.264, H.265, VP9, AAC, AC3/EAC3
Uses device supported codecs Uses device supported codecs
SD/HD/4K/8K+, HDR10/HDR10+/Dolby Vision
On supported devices
Yes Yes
IAB VAST seamless ad insertion via Google IMA Yes No
Yes No
Ad-insertion handling
Hide/show player during ads
Yes No
IMA Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) Yes Yes
Server-side ad insertion (SSAI) with leading vendors
With impression quartile reporting, trick play, and multi-period support for MPEG-DASH.
Yes Yes
Third-party pre-integrations
NPAW Youbora Yes No
Broadpeak Video Analytics Yes No
Conviva Experience Insights Yes No
Mux Data Yes No
Nielsen Analytics Yes No
Agama Analytics Yes No
Streamroot Yes No
Vimond Yes No

We constantly update our SDK, so more updates are on the way!

Explore our other SDKs for Web Apps, Apple, React Native, and GStreamer for holistic cross-platform playback.

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