Passenger entertainment

Onboard entertainment is a must-have for many consumers but can be an expensive commitment.

Our team enables video experiences at a fraction of current costs. We’ve used our years of OTT and broadcast experience to simplify studio approved delivery for in-flight entertainment (IFE), buses, trains, and cruise ships.

Simplify your passenger streaming
Lufthansa Systems

We work with leading entertainment system providers across land, sea, and air.

Simplify your security

Multi-DRM licensing

Reaching passengers with protected media means juggling different DRM systems, addressing server requirements, and managing key security. This can get quite complex – but there’s a security fast track.

Passenger entertainment security

DRMtoday Onboard packs everything you need into a low-cost local server for secure offline content across all screens. Simplifying security can be a money saver.

We also enable hybrid options if you’re in need of online DRM.

Forensic watermarking

Server-side watermarking

Content owners increasingly demand watermarking for UHD and HDR streaming. Our Video Toolkit local server solution lets forensic watermarking be applied onboard.

  • Secure on-the-fly delivery
  • Save on storage: No need for duplicate streams

Enable next-gen media with APEX 0415

Our IFE technology steers you to studio compliance for streaming content in the highest quality.

Airline Passenger Experience Association

We’re a member of the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) to help innovation take off, including security spec contributions to enable UHD and HDR.

Traditional processes cause delays

Fast forward to the cloud

Traditional content workflows cause turbulence throughout the delivery chain. Multiple middle men, tedious manual effort, and human error lead to both inflated costs and lengthy delays.

Cloud speed

Our Video Toolkit service bypasses conventional roadblocks by securely processing assets in the cloud. Getting your media to passengers sooner and cheaper is a win-win, and we’ll help get you there fast.

Our secure & scalable technology:

  • Automates workflow components
  • Accelerates your content turnaround time
  • Removes overhead from your bottom line

Players for passengers

Looking to deliver first-class player experiences? Give your devs a serious boost with our feature-rich player framework. Whether it’s Hollywood blockbusters on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) or TV episodes on seat-back screens, our flexible PRESTOplay SDKs provide unparalleled playback.

  • App-less browser playback for laptops, tablets, and phones
  • Native apps for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, and macOS
  • Linux embedded systems with our GStreamer SDK
  • Offline playback: Pre-download media to seat-back hardware lowering reliance on local servers
  • Off-plane experiences: Passenger freedom to take media with them through secure downloading and offline playback

Expertise at your service

Need assistance? Our expert crew can attend to your tricky technical challenges. We’ll get you on board with APEX 0415, draft white papers for studio content approval, integrate custom hardware/software workflows, and more.

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