Apple FairPlay Streaming

We provide studio-trusted FairPlay Streaming digital rights management (DRM) licensing to secure video across Apple devices.

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FairPlay Streaming by Apple

FairPlay Streaming DRM

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Our offline licensing server is ideal for on-prem, remote environments as well as IFE and passenger entertainment.

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Studio recognized protection

Streamlined security

FairPlay Streaming provides a strong security level for meeting studio demands for HD, UHD, and HDR streaming.

Scalable license delivery network

Globally scalable

Our technology delivers billions of licenses each year to streaming customers worldwide.

Common Encryption

Single file-set cost savings

Stream one file-set across Apple and non-Apple devices with AES-CBC encryption mode support to unlock the potential of Common Encryption.



We also support Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady for the widest device reach.

What’s FairPlay Streaming?

FairPlay Streaming (FPS) is Apple’s proprietary DRM system for securing digital video media across their range of products.

Their system works natively with HLS muxed MPEG-TS, but also CMAF (using an fMP4 container) for Common Encryption (CENC) compatibility.

Apple platforms using FPS:

  • iOS
  • iPadOS
  • tvOS
  • Safari browser
  • macOS
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Heads-up! Apple requires OTT services to first complete a registration step with them before their DRM system can be used.


Apple currently doesn’t allow FairPlay Streaming to be used with MPEG-DASH content. But no worry! We’ll help you to enable DRM-secured MPEG-DASH on iOS and iPadOS with our powerful PRESTOplay player SDK.

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Working with DRM since 2007 has taught us a thing or two about licensing and studio compliance. Our top-notch team of security specialists are here to support your security needs.

FairPlay Streaming also plays an essential security role in our other OTT solutions.


Our PRESTOplay player technology uses FairPlay Streaming across numerous platforms.

  • Player SDKs for iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and browsers
  • Secure downloading and offline playback on iOS and iPadOS
Video Toolkit

Our Video Toolkit service encodes and encrypts VOD assets in the cloud for secure playback using DRM systems.

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