DASHencrypt Packager

We’ve developed an open-source MPEG-DASH packaging and DRM encryption application as a free tool for you called DASHencrypt.


MPEG-DASH Packaging & Encryption

Usually when creating a video, all that is needed is to encode it using a codec (for example H.264 or HEVC). However, to transmit a video using MPEG-DASH, an extra segmentation step is required. Typical encoders do not provide this step and produce content which is not compatible with MPEG-DASH.

Our DASHencrypt project provides a solution. It takes encoded video and audio from an array of different formats and packages them as valid MPEG-DASH streams. It also generates the required manifest which is the table of contents for the stream.

Our tool can also encrypt content according to the Common Encryption (CENC) specification (ISO/IEC 23001-7) for use with digital rights management (DRM) systems.

Hosted as a GitHub project, it is available as an open-source application written in Java. We provide everything you need to start creating MPEG-DASH content and invite you to help refine the program.


DRM Licensing

While we supply DASHencrypt free of charge, to make use of the content encryption feature you will need to utilize a DRM licensing service. Our cloud-based service, DRMtoday, provides comprehensive multi-DRM licensing for delivering CENC secured content across the widest range of consumer devices.

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