PRESTOplay SDKs with NPAW’s YOUBORA Infinity

NPAW’s (Nice People At Work) YOUBORA Infinity platform pre-integrated with PRESTOplay SDKs enables evaluation of unique sessions and the video playback experience to provide valuable data-driven insights.

These insights help your business realize greater cost efficiencies, increase revenue, and optimize quality of experience. Start making informed business, operational, and technical decisions based on hard data.

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Screenshot of NPAW YOUBORA Infinity’s Interface [Source: NPAW]

What useful video analytics and business intelligence does YOUBORA Infinity offer me?

YOUBORA Infinity’s holistic suite of integrated video analytics and business intelligence tools delve into metrics including user behavior, device and version compatibility, and service performance. They can help you:

  • Monitor and align service performance to industry averages – understand recurrent issues, their causes, and their seriousness.
  • Improve content and ad efficiency – understand how ads perform best, and utilize advanced A/B/n testing techniques.
  • Proactively manage your customer base – utilize data identifying user’s life cycle and consumption trends.
  • Optimize content discovery and recommendation algorithms – understand user preferences and platform interactions.
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Watch past NPAW and castLabs webinars

Past webinars with Nice People At Work on ‘Assessing the Importance of Offline Playback and its Metrics‘ and ‘Improving Playback Quality of Experience Through Analytics and BI Tools‘ are available to view now.

LIGHTBOX benefits from the NPAW YOUBORA Infinity pre-integration

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Launched in late 2014, LIGHTBOX is New Zealand’s fastest growing subscription VOD service, offering a large selection of both New Zealand made and International content.

After extensive evaluation of playback and analytics tools, LIGHTBOX implemented YOUBORA Infinity, for video analytics and business intelligence, integrated with PRESTOplay SDKs for Android and Browsers.

“castLabs player offers a plugin-free playback solution across different web browsers and provides the ability to deliver Smooth Streams with PlayReady license to platforms that would not have provided native support. This together with the integration of YOUBORA Infinity allows for the Quality of Experience to be optimised for our customers”, said Diluk De Silva, Service Reliability Manager at LIGHTBOX.

This combined solution with YOUBORA Infinity is ideal for broadcasters, telcos, media companies, and OTT service providers that want the best return on investment and user experience from their streaming service.

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