Winter Summit 2020: what we learnt and how to proceed

Starting our operations in 2007 with offices in Berlin and Los Angeles, we quickly grew to spread out across the world. Offering software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide, we provide solutions to easily enable the secure distribution of premium movie, TV, and audio assets for high-quality video experiences. This comes with working in different teams and independently on many different projects, and to make sure everyone is in tune with the same vision, castLabs knows how important communication is. We have been organizing summits where all of our team members gather at our HQ in Berlin to collaborate, work together, and participate in team building activities. Here is our recap of the Winter Summit 2020 we had in February and our highlights.

Team Workshops

All of the teams and departments were open and enthusiastic about hosting different workshops and info sessions, however, there was one workshop that stood out and received an overwhelming positive review. Our DRMtoday development team had chosen to host a workshop format that is called the “World Cafe Method” to achieve its goals as good as they can. This format has allowed a bigger group of people to meet with the benefits of all the different perspectives in the company being available in one room, while retaining the benefits of smaller discussion groups.

World Cafe Method

To give you a quick round-up, after an introduction, the members of the DRMtoday team hosted 3 discussion tables around the aspects of our cloud solution. All of the participants were divided between these tables and after 30 minutes rotated to make sure everyone could contribute to each topic. This workshop concluded with an end round of summarizing the output to the participants.

Now the work continues to discuss the insights and actions the DRMtoday team will follow.

Open Space

castLabs uses Holacracy as an organizational framework to give our collaboration a participatory structure based on clear roles, transparency, and distributed authority among all colleagues. In order to facilitate that, the Open Space was created to encourage a productive collaboration and positive working atmosphere across all teams. On the second day of the summit we gathered together in a large room to discuss anything that people saw a need to improve and progress in an open and trustful environment.

The activity included open communication to define specific areas for further discussions which we then grouped into 3 main topics. All of the team members chose their topics of interest to concentrate on in-depth discussions. This allowed us to identify areas of improvement as well as solutions which we all made an effort to start incorporating right away.

Open Space

Get-togethers and afterworks

As previously mentioned, having a very international team spread across the world, a very important aspect of the Winter Summit was also to gather in informal settings, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Starting with Kegelbahn (a German type of bowling), foosball table games, and joint lunches, the week ended with a dinner and an afterparty.

Thank you to everyone who joined us during our Winter Summit 2020, we achieved a lot of progress and cannot wait for the next summit.

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