Winner of the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award and part of the The 2019 Streaming Media Europe 101

We’re excited to announce that castLabs has won the 2019 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award in the category DRM/Access Control Service Provider! Streaming Media announced the results on November 20 at Streaming Media West in Los Angeles. The finalists represent a shortlist of the technologies that are moving the online video industry forward, showcasing solutions to maximize the quality and efficiency of your streaming video workflow.

castLabs wins Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards 2019

This year 2,700 industry voters who use these products and services every day cast nearly 28,000 votes in 28 categories of the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award. We’re honoured to have won in the DRM category among many familiar names in the industry. We’re thankful to our customers for their support and making this milestone possible for castLabs.

DRMtoday is our digital rights management (DRM) licensing and access control cloud service for premium video entertainment. It simplifies DRM to allow secure streaming across browser, mobile, tablet, desktop, TV, STB, and game console platforms. DRMtoday facilitates studio compliance and content monetization as well as live, on-demand, and offline video protection.

Experience first-hand why DRMtoday is the perfect DRM solution to protect OTT video content in a multi-screen market by starting your free trial now!

What can be better than taking home a Readers’ Choice Award? Being featured in the 2019 Streaming Media Europe 101 too! It’s the 8th annual list of interesting, important, and influential companies in the online video space whose presence in Europe is undeniable. Streaming Media focused on emphasizing the companies that create the technologies that enable those content publishers to reach their customers. Thanks to Streaming Media for recognizing our contribution and featuring us in The 2019 Streaming Media Europe 101.

2019 Streaming Media Europe 101


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