Widevine selects us for end-to-end Widevine CAS integrations

At the Android TV Summit 2022 in Bangkok last week, Widevine announced their Third Party Labs (3PL) program for Widevine CAS where we’re pleased to be a principal partner.

This was established to allow select partners to provide dedicated Widevine CAS support and scale for operators of any size. Being part of the 3PL program means the Widevine team trusts us to support end-to-end Widevine CAS operator integrations everywhere from player technology, content licensing, the ECMG, and importantly, ongoing technical expertise whenever it’s needed.

Widevine CAS protected Android TV

A primary benefit of our approach is allowing operators to significantly lower Widevine CAS set-top box integration costs and speed up time to market by months. Through our close relationships with OEMs as well as every SoC vendor currently supporting Widevine CAS, we also ensure compatibility and smooth implementation across devices.

This builds on our existing Widevine 3PL relationship where last year we were also selected to certify Widevine DRM content decryption module (CDM) device and software integrations, greatly accelerating the turnaround time process for our customers.

Our Widevine 3PL value highlights

Widevine CAS

End-to-end integration solutions

  • On-prem or cloud ECMG with Google backend pre-integration

  • Expert technical support

  • Enable OEM/SoC-independent app-based player deployment

  • Reduce STB integration cost and time to market

  • Avoid vendor lock-in

Widevine DRM

Device & app CDM certification

  • Android Open Source Project (AOSP) devices

  • Linux devices

  • Electron based apps

  • Chromium based apps

  • Widevine L1 & L3 security level validation
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