What’s Widevine CAS?

Widevine CAS is the latest development in Google’s Widevine content protection technology.

Whereas Widevine DRM is designed for OTT video; Widevine CAS is a revolutionary technology aimed to shake up content protection for the PayTV market on Android TV set-top boxes (STBs), offering enhanced protection for IP-multicast, DVB-S/C/T and allowing the delivery of live and linear content.

Why was it developed?

Traditionally, using a conditional access system (CAS) for broadcasting has been expensive with: high upfront costs, a reliance on proprietary technologies, device royalties, and difficult to maintain infrastructure.

Instead, Widevine CAS seeks to improve the level of security enjoyed by Android TV STBs through a cloud-based solution that’s easy to maintain, scale and improve.

Through Widevine CAS, Android TV STBs are no longer reliant on overpriced middleware or hardware security in order to operate and protect video over IPTV networks. Instead, PayTV providers are able to leverage the latest developments in Widevine content protection to slash costs and build hybrid IPTV/OTT business models.

Lower your Android TV STB costs

Where does castLabs come in?

We’re specialists in video content delivery with expertise in multi-DRM content protection (DRMtoday) and cross platform video players (PRESTOplay).

We’ve been working closely with Google’s Widevine team to build an out-of-the-box Widevine CAS solution: DRMtoday for Widevine CAS.

Widevine CAS

DRMtoday for Widevine CAS enables you to efficiently utilize the Widevine CAS technology whilst: speeding up your time to market; lowering the costs of deploying everything in-house; and offering maintenance and support throughout production.

Through the DRMtoday for Widevine CAS solution, we’re able to generate entitlement keys through our cloud based or on-prem ECMG which has been fully integrated with our DRMtoday platform in order to streamline your end-to-end deployment. We’ve also uniquely integrated DVB simulcrypt into our workflow which allows for multiple CA systems to coexist and to help you easily interface your current infrastructure with Google’s backend.

In addition, using our expertise in multi-DRM license delivery, we’re then able to securely store and deliver entitlement keys in the cloud; cutting out the need for expensive on-prem solutions and enabling higher levels of scalability for Android TV through our global licence delivery network.

Finally, we’ve enhanced our PRESTOplay for Android video player SDK to fully support multicast delivery while including additional functionalities like UDP & RTP multicast, subtitling, full Android MediaCas API, multi-audio tracks, and analytics plugins. This all comes with the added benefit of now being able to maintain a unified player across Android TV, as well as your OTT platforms – saving you time and money on development.

How can we help you?

Like all of our solutions, we don’t want to force you into buying anything you don’t need and therefore we’re able to modularly deploy the different elements of DRMtoday for Widevine CAS based on your requirements: this could be DRMtoday for Widevine CAS or just PRESTOplay for Android TV.

In addition, compared to an in-house deployment, we provide support around the clock for Widevine CAS and are here to help should you run into any difficulties. On top of this, our expert engineers are available to support your services in many ways like: building customizations into your workflows, offer consulting regarding best practices, and removing blockers.

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Learn more about DRMtoday for Widevine CAS and feel free to contact us at sales@castlabs.com with any questions.


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