Watch our webinar: Take your content security to the next level with forensic watermarking

We’re back with another webinar about forensic watermarking with Video Toolkit.

Missed our live cast? Catch the recording here!

Session-based forensic video watermarking acts as a deterrent to pirates and enables rights holders to report the misuse of their video assets, and identify the person that leaked the video. Embedded into the video content during the encoding process, the watermark payload is a unique serial number that defines the origin of the content without attaching any personally identifiable data. This mark cannot be manipulated either through encoding, resizing or scaling, or any other video processing technique. While acting as a deterrent to potential criminals, it doesn’t interfere with streaming users, appearing invisible to the naked eye and posing no detrimental effect to the viewing experience.

Video Toolkit forensic watermarking

In this webinar you’ll learn the basics of our fast and powerful cloud-service for VOD content preparation workflows and dive deeper into forensic watermarking solutions featuring our technology partner ContentArmor.

The webinar covers:

  • Video Toolkit features for video preparation with complete configuration
  • Session-based forensic watermarking technologies for tailored integration
  • Robust watermarking featuring ContentArmor’s solutions
  • A/B and direct ID watermarking enabled with Video Toolkit


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