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castLabs has been offering software and cloud services for digital markets worldwide since 2007. To provide comprehensive compatibility and playback solutions we also partner with industry-leading video platform, media streaming, and technology companies.

We are happy to announce that you can now find us on the extensive partner marketplace of the Accedo One™ platform. The Accedo One Marketplace is where customers can go to browse and find additional available vendors, features, services, and platforms to add to their video service. The Accedo One Marketplace helps customers evaluate solutions and find those that are already pre-integrated with Accedo for efficient and simplified support and an almost ready-to-use full offering.

Gérard Maulino

Gérard Maulino
Solutions Architect

“castLabs has been partnering with Accedo on several different projects to leverage our solutions together with their offerings and answer rapidly changing consumer expectations. We are happy to be included on the Accedo One Marketplace and be part of this informative platform to answer the complexities of implementing video technology across a large selection of consumer devices and platforms.”

castLabs on Accedo One Marketplace

“We are excited that castLabs, a trusted DRM and player partner, has joined Accedo One Marketplace. The partnership will enable us to better serve our joint customers, by helping them rapidly build multi-screen video services and continuously grow their business as needs and market dynamics evolve”, said Fredrik Andersson, SVP Products at Accedo.


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Vera Hartmann

Vera Hartmann
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