Touch, castLabs, 1o1media, and Rosen Aviation join forces to elevate in-flight entertainment with modular and flexible platform

BERLIN, May 28, 2024Touch, castLabs, 1o1media and Rosen Aviation are thrilled to announce a collaboration aimed at transforming the in-flight entertainment (IFE) experience. This partnership focuses on developing a flexible and modular IFE platform that leverages advanced technologies and comprehensive integration to meet the diverse needs of modern airlines and passengers.

Innovative Features and Collaboration Details:

  • Rosen Aviation and castLabs: Together, Rosen Aviation and castLabs are enabling a web-based platform powered by PRESTOplay that delivers premium content playback in HDR quality on Rosen’s screens. This collaboration ensures compatibility with any browser-based entertainment system, delivering a seamless experience whether content is streamed from within the aircraft or via connectivity from the ground.
  • 1o1media Integration: To provide an IFE experience that does not rely on connectivity, 1o1media will integrate their standalone entertainment system onto Rosen’s compute platform. This integration allows for consistent content delivery and quick updates through Above, a content supply chain platform owned by Touch and castLabs, whenever connectivity is available. This approach eliminates the need for maintaining separate systems, streamlining operations and enhancing passenger satisfaction.
  • Touch’s TMC Integration: Touch will fully integrate its Touch MediaCenter (TMC) system into the collaboration, providing flexible licensing terms to operators. This integration enables airlines to update content with the push of a button, ensuring that the latest entertainment options are always available to passengers.
  • Edge Caching: Additionally, collaboration with edge caching providers will allow the implementation of media caching on onboard servers. This technology optimizes bandwidth usage and improves the quality of streaming experiences by caching content closer to the point of use, ensuring smooth and high-quality playback even during high-demand periods.

Enhancing the Passenger Experience:

This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to innovation and excellence in the IFE industry. By combining the strengths of Rosen Aviation, Touch, 1o1media, and castLabs, airlines can offer a superior entertainment experience that is adaptable, high-quality, and future-proof. Whether through connected or standalone systems, passengers will enjoy a consistent and engaging entertainment experience that meets their expectations.

About Rosen Aviation

Rosen Aviation is a leading provider of aviation display systems and smart technology solutions. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Rosen Aviation designs and manufactures advanced display systems that enhance the passenger experience and operational efficiency.

About Touch

Touch Inflight Solutions is a media content and technology provider helping airlines around the globe engage with their passengers. Touch combines innovative smart tools, flexible solutions and media expertise to help its airline partners co-create the most engaging and brand-aligned in-flight entertainment experiences.

About 1o1media

1o1media is a provider of media management and content solutions. Their systems are designed to deliver high-quality entertainment and seamless media updates, ensuring an optimal user experience.

About castLabs

castLabs is a leading pioneer of software and cloud services for digital video markets worldwide to easily enable premium content streaming. Their range of applications and services are designed to help businesses deliver high-quality video experiences through protected content playback over a large selection of devices and platforms. castLabs solutions include DRMtoday multi-DRM and CAS licensing, feature-rich PRESTOplay cross-platform players, Video Toolkit cloud encoding, single-frame forensic watermarking, Widevine device and app certification, secure WebRTC end-to-end delivery, as well as expert technical consulting. Learn more at



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