Effortless Third Party Integrations with PRESTOplay

Familiarity with your customer base, the upheaval of migrating to different software, not tampering with something that works. Many organizations are on the lookout for streaming or DRM solutions that work in conjunction with their existing software rather than replacing it.

PRESTOplay SDK’s for Browsers, Android and iOS are built for ease of integration with third party solutions. We also support a number of popular pre-build integrations for video analytics and streaming technology applications including:

  • Conviva
  • Nielsen
  • Wowza
  • Elemental
  • Microsoft Azure Services
  • Unified Streaming
  • VAST Ad Framework Support with IMA

Smart synchronization between plugins

In addition to integrations between players and apps, PRESTOplay SDKs facilitate automated synchronization between plugins for more efficient working. For example, your supported ad-insertion plugin can direct data automatically to your supported video analytics plugin.

Smart Synchronization

More about PRESTOplay SDKs

View our SlideShare and PRESTOplay video for more information on features and configurations:

If you’d like to make an enquiry about castLabs’ PRESTOplay SDKs please email sales@castlabs.com.


In addition to our players, we can also deliver comprehensive multi-DRM licensing through our cloud-service, DRMtoday.



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