Technological partnership with Radiant Media Player

Digital rights management (DRM) enables secured transmission of media content to a specific audience – and only to that specific, pre-approved audience. Whether you’re working with large studios or smaller content providers, the need to control who is watching licensed content is becoming more and more of a requirement for a growing number of businesses in the streaming media industry. The need for fine grained control over secured assets, like persistent license/temporary license, quality level restrictions or various robustness levels is also becoming more present.


Our DRMtoday licensing solution lets OTT businesses quickly launch monetized services without worrying about how to meet those content owner security requirements and to help address those growing needs even more, we’ve recently entered a technological partnership with Radiant Media Player. We’re always happy to build partnerships to make our client’s lives even easier with smooth integrations of our streaming solutions, including third-party solutions.

How does the castLabs x Radiant Media Player partnership provide value?

Radiant Media Player can be used to distribute content in DASH and HLS for live, DVR and on-demand media content. You can rapidly deploy an end-to-end solution to deliver DRM-encrypted content to your audience when using our technology with Radiant Media Player. Our DRMtoday solution is pre-integrated with Radiant Media Player to support management of PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay Streaming DRM technologies.

Radiant Media Player

We’ve worked with Radiant Media Player to ensure technological interoperability between our technologies.

As part of our partnership, they’ve published a Working with DRMtoday by castLabs guide that will allow our new and existing customers to get started in no time.

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Getting started with DRMtoday and Radiant Media Player is easy, just start with a free trial of our scalable DRMtoday cloud service for easy content licensing across all screens. You can also contact us to learn more about the castLabs and Radiant Media Player partnership and how we can help you easily optimize your video campaigns.


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