Strengthening castLabs’ presence in LATAM

Always looking to evolve and expand, we are happy to be growing our team in Latin America. Raúl Antillón has joined our team as a Senior Sales Representative to oversee all sales activities to boost expansion in LATAM. Having an international workforce stationed in multiple time zones enables us to offer quick commercial and technical support to help you achieve reliable, secure, and profitable video delivery.

Raúl Antillón is bringing more than 20 years of experience working with international telecommunications companies such as Megacable, Discovery Networks, Travel Channel, Hallmark Channel, DLA (Digital Latin America), Tagstation, and NextRadio. Among the main achievements of his career are the commercialization of many telecommunications products and services in Latin America.

Raúl Antillón

Raúl Antillón
Senior Sales Representative

“The OTT market in LATAM has a great growth potential to help combat piracy, including in passenger entertainment systems, complex streaming workflows, and monetization. castLabs’ offering will certainly be a solution to these problems causing a positive impact. It is an exciting time to make a change and contribute to the industry through new areas of business and customers.”

castLabs is the only end-to-end company with players for desktops/browsers/mobiles/TVs/STBs, multi-DRM licensing, and cloud processing providing solutions worldwide. Our services help OTT and PayTV businesses through the complexities of implementing video technology across a large selection of consumer devices and platforms.

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