Safari on iOS Now Supports FairPlay Streaming DRM

As of iOS release 11.2 Apple has enabled FairPlay Streaming digital rights management (DRM) support for their Safari browser.

Previously the only way to watch DRM-protected HLS video on iOS devices was through standalone player apps. However, with the recent iOS 11.2 release, Safari can also be used to view secured content on phones and tablets. This is good news as streaming services can now offer customers native HTML5 playback experiences across Apple mobile hardware.

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The new release also clears the way to improved experiences for the passenger entertainment sector. As iOS users already have Safari on their devices, passengers will not be as reliant on having to pre-download bespoke airline service apps before a flight in order to view onboard entertainment.

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Apps Are Still Quite Relevant

The new Safari functionality can make certain use-cases easier, but there are many situations where a dedicated iOS app remains to be the only playback solution. For example, iOS player apps can provide these benefits over the Safari browser:

  • DRM-protected MPEG-DASH and Smooth Streaming format support
  • Ability for download/offline playback
  • Better AirPlay support
  • Brand presence (in App Store and on user’s device)
  • Greater control over quality of experience
  • Meet demand for customers who prefer using apps

The feature gaps caused by browser environments mean that many streaming providers will still benefit from a mix of player solutions.

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