PRESTOplay: 6 steps we took to advance open-source players

Using open source or professional SDKs to build video player apps: which is better? Find out what the real advantages of using PRESTOplay are.

Our PRESTOplay SDKs provide high-quality playback across multiple devices such as Android, Android TV, iOS, iPadOS, Apple TV, and HTML5 platforms including browsers, Windows/macOS desktops, game consoles, and TVs.

All devices

But you might catch yourself wondering “why not use what’s openly available and build my own?”. That works great for basic playback, but things can get tough when extra features, customer-reach, playback performance, or support are desired.

We’ve built our SDKs with ExoPlayer, Shaka Player, and Apple’s stock platform APIs as solid streaming starting points. On top, we’ve added heavy modifications to go over and above standard player software to both simplify development and provide leading streaming experiences.

Consistent quality control

Our PRESTOplay SDKs are carefully reviewed and thoroughly platform tested to ensure capabilities are properly implemented according to industry standards. We expand on what free solutions offer including better stream compatibility, device support, and performance. This allows us to maintain consistent quality across our players and address issues ahead of time.

Improved stream & device compatibility example

One of our customers had non-compliant stream timestamps which needed to be played on a STB which itself lacked resilience to handle this deviation. This led to playback freezing on the device. We quickly devised a workaround for our player to avoid these stream and device irregularities for smooth playback.

Performance enhancement example

Our Android player SDK enables multithreaded rendering where operations are offloaded to different threads for extra efficiency. We also provide advanced decoder buffer management. This improves device performance by reducing stuttering and dropped frames, particularly with 60fps content or on low-end devices.

Fantastic added features

Built for devs, by devs, we help you reduce costs by providing an abundance of features out-of-the-box to quickly create great player apps and meet your business models. Just a sample of our added features include:

  • DRM support for studio-recognized protected playback across any screen
  • Ultra-low latency for true live streaming by keeping playback as close as possible to real-time recording
  • MPEG-DASH with Widevine security on iOS & iPadOS to use only one streaming format across platforms
  • Built-in IAB VAST ad insertion via Google IMA

…plus many, many more!

Custom feature example

One customer’s specific packaging workflow meant that they were prevented from pre-generating thumbnails. We provided a trick play modification allowing a second player instance to be overlaid which automatically displayed thumbnails using a special iframes-only track.

Fast time to market

Having a multitude of ready-to-use features and performance enhancements supports your developers with rapid player creation to speed up your app launch.

As just one example, creating and testing player UI for consistency and performance across all platforms is much faster. Using free software, you’d need to manually adjust UI components for each separate app. Our cross-platform API simplifies the task of delivering a unified look and feel across all of your player apps without needing specific expertise, development, or workarounds for every platform.

Technical experts ready to help

Expert assistance

Sometimes open-source project forums just aren’t enough to have challenges addressed and questions answered when you need them. One of the main advantages that’s difficult to find with any open-source code is a worldwide team of technical experts working to the best of their ability to quickly respond, investigate, and solve workflow issues or squish any bug that sneaks in.

Support & assistance example

One of our customers, who didn’t have any prior knowledge in building video players and wasn’t familiar with the technology, benefited from our extensive expertise in software and quickly overcame technical obstacles. Our team provided the guidance and assistance in 24 hours to their buffering challenge of incompliant (DASH) segment durations with specific encoding adjustments after a stream analysis. Once the adjustments were implemented successful playback resumed.

We also have strong experience with player feature customization to enrich your apps.

Pre-integrated partners

Another advantage of PRESTOplay is our extensive list of pre-integrated QoE and analytics partners such as Conviva, NPAW, Nielsen, Mux, Broadpeak, Agama, Streamroot, and others. This allows you to avoid integration work and use these services right away – all you need is an account.

Is the cost worth it?

This is one of the most important concerns when it comes to delivering playback experiences that customers will love. One must weigh the costs of spending valuable in-house time developing features, troubleshooting troublesome issues, performing ongoing maintenance, and waiting for the learning curve of new hardware or even a new hired team. We provide customizable solutions across multiple platforms with already set up functionalities and maintenance. Our goal is to enable consistent playback that works the way you envision.

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