Introducing new PRESTOplay solutions for React Native and GStreamer

At castLabs, we’re dedicated to simplifying secure video playback across platforms so you can focus on getting your premium content to market fast. So we’re pleased to announce new additions to our PRESTOplay range of player solutions for the React Native and GStreamer frameworks.

PRESTOplay for React Native

Publishing OTT video players across Android and Apple devices can be time-consuming, complex, and costly. Not only are specialized developers needed for both platforms to understand the different coding languages and environment-specific requirements, but resources have to be spent on duplicate app-building efforts. Unfortunately, the final player experience can also vary between apps as well.

Thanks to React Native, you can simplify development by managing just one shared JavaScript or TypeScript code-base to deploy native apps across multiple platforms with a unified end-user experience. This lets you save on costs by avoiding separate programming language experts as well as getting to market faster by concentrating development on just a single player.

And to make things even better, you can also enhance your apps with performance improvements, a multitude of added features including DRM protection, as well as gain valuable added support that goes over-and-above what’s available with open source options!

PRESTOplay for React Native

Write once, publish across platforms

  • Android & Android TV
  • iOS & iPadOS & tvOS
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Coming soon: Web platform support for smart TVs & game consoles

Discover how PRESTOplay for React Native can make your development more efficient. Our SDK can also easily integrate into existing built systems using NPM to speed-up setup.

PRESTOplay for React Native

PRESTOplay for GStreamer

GStreamer is a popular framework allowing player deployments across a wide range of platforms. Whether you have an existing GStreamer pipeline or are building an app from scratch, now you can add our extra elements to enable DRM-secured MPEG-DASH streaming along with many other advanced playback features.

We also have expert support on-hand for fast integrations on your target devices, creating custom features, extending legacy hardware lives, and solving playback challenges you encounter.

PRESTOplay for GStreamer

Create native apps for a multitude of devices

  • RDK set-top boxes
  • Linux set-top boxes & embedded systems
  • Game engines
  • Passenger entertainment systems

Learn more about how you can securely reach devices with PRESTOplay for GStreamer to achieve your streaming vision.

PRESTOplay for GStreamer

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