Focus on Features: PRESTOplay Downloader for Offline Playback

Watching your favorite films or TV shows no longer stops when you leave the house.

Consumers expect content to be viewable anywhere, when they depart the train on the morning commute and when they then change onto the bus to reach their final destination. But consumers become easily frustrated streaming their favorite shows, if challenged by poor or intermittent WiFi connectivity, or the expense of streaming large amounts of data through their device.

PRESTOplay SDKs offer a secure downloader feature, enabling your customers to watch their favorite shows on Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and macOS desktops from local storage. This bypasses the need for a reliable, inexpensive connection while offering an equivalent experience to premium online playback.


How it Works

Streaming service providers send video manifest files specifying multiple quality renditions for download, audio tracks, and subtitle tracks.

PRESTOplay Downloader Feature Diagram

Additionally they provide the packaged content files for playback in either MPEG-DASH or Smooth Streaming.

Also supported are MP4, ISMV, PIFF, and ZIP formats. Selected tracks are downloaded by the SDK for offline playback, along with content and metadata that ensures PRESTOplay knows which tracks are available and from where.

For ensuring content is protected to studio-grade standards, PRESTOplay’s downloader feature facilitates license download for major DRM technologies including Microsoft® PlayReady®, Google Widevine™ Modular, and FairPlay Streaming by Apple.

Expand to New Markets

Offline playback brings benefits not just to commuters and flight passengers that are otherwise reliant on streaming through WiFi or data plans, but also opens up new markets.

In places such as Egypt, Paraguay, or Nigeria (as referenced in Akami’s Q1 2017 Report), it’s extremely difficult to run a constantly connected online streaming service for the majority of the population due to gaps in nationwide internet coverage, sporadic WiFi infrastructure, and enormous data costs. The download-first model is ideal for locations facing these kind of challenges.

Integration Ready for Intelligence Led Playback

As with online playback, user loyalty is only as firm as the next platform improvement of your competitors or your last better-than-adequate playback experience. Using pre-integrated APIs for business intelligence and video insights you can make intelligence-led improvements to download performance, playback starts, and ease-of-use.

PRESTOplay SDKs are agnostic, compatible with solutions including Nice People At Work’s YOUBORA and the Conviva Video AI Platform, designed to avoid vendor lock-in and work to your preferences within your workflow.

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