Have full control over your business with PRESTOplay and Smart

Looking to spend less time on the development of video player apps? Our PRESTOplay video players are powerful and reliable tools for creating high-end video experiences.

Through simple APIs, PRESTOplay allows you to spend less time and money on player development with unified behaviour and features across all platforms.

Mobile devices

Alongside a wide range of benefits such as providing reliable online video experiences to your customers and accommodating any content delivery scenario, another advantage is our extensive list of QoE, analytics, and monetization partners such as Smart.

Smart is a fully transparent ad monetization platform built to enable premium publishers and brands to get their fair share of ad value at every opportunity, on their terms.

Smart Ad Server

Our partnership with Smart offers a seamless client side integration for iOS and Android that allows you to benefit from the extensive monetization options available while providing easy access to their platform without spending time on the setup.

How does the castLabs x Smart partnership provide value?

RMB, a Belgian multi-media sales house, markets video and display inventories of a wide range of sites and digital platforms. This includes AUVIO, the catch-up television, live video streaming, and video-on-demand platform of the RTBF (Belgian public TV channel). They were looking to support growth in direct and programmatic sales.

After successful migration, the video solutions of the advertising monetization platform and PRESTOplay allowed RMB to ensure management of all advertising channels in a unified way, while benefiting from fair and optimal competition between direct and programmatic revenues. The focus is now on extending the partnership with co-development of custom solutions to meet the demands of addressable video advertising on linear and on-demand streams, as well as live streams.

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Getting started with developing player applications is very easy! Just start with a free trial to try our range of PRESTOplay SDKs for building powerful players across a multitude of platforms. You can also contact us to learn more about the castLabs and Smart partnership and how we can help you easily optimize your video campaigns.


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