castLabs and Phenix’s new partnership brings DRM to real-time streaming

We’ve proudly announced our collaboration with Phenix, a leading provider of scalable, real-time video delivery technology. Through this partnership, Phenix is integrating our secure playback solution DRM for WebRTC to bolster security and content protection within real-time video streaming applications.

Signifying a groundbreaking advancement in DRM for WebRTC, this partnership brings unparalleled real-time DRM capabilities that set a new industry standard.

Key benefits of this partnership:

  • End-to-end media encryption: DRMtoday for WebRTC provides end-to-end media encryption of WebRTC video streams and remote desktop sharing, bringing industry-standard DRM systems such as Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay Streaming, and Microsoft PlayReady to WebRTC streams.
  • Enhanced security: By integrating our robust DRM technologies into Phenix’s real-time video streaming platform, users can enjoy secure and encrypted streaming experiences without compromising on quality.
  • Content protection: Content creators and distributors can now protect their valuable content from piracy and unauthorized access, ensuring that their investments are secure. Leveraging a browser’s Content Decryption Module (CDM), true standards-based content protection is provided with end-to-end security over and above standard TLS encryption. Streams are also blacked-out during client-side screen recording to prevent content copying and restreaming.
  • An extra layer of security: Our revolutionary single-frame forensic watermarking technology, offering unparalleled authentication, copyright protection, and content leak tracking capabilities adds an extra layer of security for content owners and rights holders to easily safeguard their intellectual property, protect their monetization models, and enforce their rights in the digital landscape.
  • Seamless integration: The partnership aims to provide an easy and seamless integration process, enabling developers and businesses to implement advanced DRM solutions without hassle.
  • Global reach: Together with Phenix, we are committed to expanding the reach of WebRTC-based DRM solutions, ensuring that businesses worldwide can benefit from the security at scale this collaboration creates.
  • Enable monetization: Adding DRM to WebRTC opens up new real-time streaming monetization model opportunities not easily available before.

“Our collaboration with castLabs empowers Phenix to provide additional security measures for our customers’ high-value video content. By joining forces with castLabs, we’re able to extend an extra layer of protection to safeguard the integrity and exclusivity of their high-value digital assets. Through this strategic partnership, Phenix solidifies its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that ensure the utmost security and peace of mind for our clients.” stated Bill Wishon, Chief Product Officer at Phenix.

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“Our collaboration with Phenix is a significant milestone in the evolution of DRM for WebRTC. Together, we’ve created a solution that sets new industry benchmarks for secure, real-time content delivery,” said Bryce Pedersen, Global Marketing Strategy at castLabs. “The combination of Phenix’s real-time video expertise and our DRM for WebRTC technology, along with our leading DRMtoday cloud licensing service, ensures that businesses and developers have access to a state-of-the-art DRM solution that’s both robust and user-friendly. We’re looking forward to working with Phenix and are excited to provide excellent additional value in the world of digital video delivery as well as helping customers achieve new business models.”

At castLabs, we acknowledge the growing demand for DRM in WebRTC across diverse use cases, spanning sports and betting, video conferencing, gaming, eSports, and live events. Our collaboration with Phenix represents a significant step forward in this realm, positioning us to deliver a secure and innovative solution for businesses and developers in need of reliable DRM for real-time video streaming.

DRM for WebRTC

If you’re looking to enhance your streaming capabilities by implementing DRM for WebRTC, get in touch with us for a live demo in action.

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